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3 Ways Poorly Managed Cleaning can Affect Your Business

Ever notice the same coffee ring on your desk for days?  How long did it take the cleaners to address it?  Maybe your concentration was broken just as you were finishing that spreadsheet. Wait, what’s that smell?  You glance at the trash…yesterday’s tuna melt.  Ever wonder, what are we paying the cleaners for?  Poorly managed cleaning can affect your business and productivity in a surprising number of ways.  We will break down some of the red flags of a poorly managed cleaning service and what you can do about it. 

Nobody’s Perfect, but a Good Cleaning Service will Take Responsibility

Empty toilet paper roll due to poorly managed cleaning.
Empty TP rolls = not good!

If any of this sounds familiar you’re not alone as problems like these do happen in commercial janitorial.  To put things in perspective, a large commercial office building can have hundreds of desks, trash bins, and thousands of square feet to vacuum every night. It’s possible that coffee cake crumbs on the floor could go unnoticed on a given night. Even the most detail-oriented cleaners can miss things on occasion.  The important thing to note is what a cleaning company does once you’ve brought the error to their attention.  

A well-managed cleaning company will be responsive and address issues when they arise. They’ll have systems in place to avoid repeating the same mistakes.   This is what sets a great cleaning company apart from a mediocre one. 

For example, if you report to your janitorial company that the same trash is being missed time and time again to no avail, this is a red flag. Most likely, they don’t have the proper systems or communication in place to affectively solve the problem. 

1 -Poorly Managed Security Procedures Can Put Your Business at Risk

While a commercial cleaning vendor is on site and actively cleaning your business they’re also taking responsibility for its security.  This means alarms must be properly set.  Lights must be diligently turned off.  Doors and windows should also be checked to ensure they’re secured.  This should be made routine because security should be paramount.  

If you’re coming into the office first thing in the morning to find the alarm not set for the second time in a week, this is another red flag. Either your cleaning company isn’t communicating with their crew, the level of training is poor, or they simply aren’t following up and checking after them.  

What to do about it: no matter how big or small the issue, security related concerns should be reported immediately.  Your customer service rep should work with you to investigate the matter.  Allow your cleaning company to look into it so they take action to prevent it from happening again.  Sometimes the cleaners might not be at fault.  For example, you may find that one of your staff members was in the office was working late to beat a deadline.  They were the last ones in the office that night and had forgotten to lock up properly before heading home.

2 – Poorly Trained Cleaning Staff Can Leave Your Office a Mess

A large dust pile with the word dust written by someone's finger.
Finger-painting in dust was never funny.

If you’re noticing thick layers of dust on surfaces, large carpet spots, and hand prints on your front window glass….then assume your customers are seeing it too.  Perhaps you’re hosting a meeting but the conference room trash was missed and no vacuuming was done. Attendees at the meeting might have wandering eyes and notice the poor housekeeping. At worst, the toilet paper dispensers in the restrooms might be empty.  This is embarrassing for you as a business owner because maintaining the physical image of your business is important. 

If problems like these are reoccurring, then the cleaners are clearly not taking the time to deliver the service you’re paying for.  Most likely the cleaners aren’t being properly trained.  Adequate cleaning tools and techniques should be made routine.  A well-trained cleaner should know what to look for and how to address it.  If the same details are repeatedly being missed then cleaners could be taking short-cuts, or they’re in a hurry.  Regardless, they’re not taking the time to get the job done right.  These are hallmark training issues and signs of a poorly managed cleaning service.

What to do about it: ask your customer service person how their staff is trained.  Also, ask them for a copy of the scope of work.  This way you and your cleaning company can be on the same page. 

3 – Poorly Behaved Cleaning Staff Can Directly Affect your Operations

Steve Carrell of the Office is disappointed with the cleaning.

When your cleaners aren’t fulfilling their end of the contract, it can create a lot of headaches.  In some cases it can even disrupt your operations.  Unreliable attendance is a big one.  If you’re cleaners aren’t showing up on occasion, then the work simply isn’t being done.  Your place of business is directly affected.  If you’re a restaurant, retail business, or medical office then unreliable cleaning is a major concern.

A good cleaning company should have coverage in place in case cleaners call out sick.  At a minimum, they should immediately communicate any service disruptions to you. 

Other telltale signs of how poorly managed cleaning can affect your business: your lobby candy dish goes empty each night.  Wet cleaning rags are being left out on counter tops.  Your desk items and paperwork are being rearranged.

What to do about it: hold your cleaning company accountable by saying something.  Friends don’t let friends put up with bad cleaning; which is why the staff here at BCS implores you to heed this advice and know the red flags when it comes to unprofessional cleaning practices.  

We hope you never have to suffer through the headaches that can accompany poorly managed cleaning.   In a post Covid-19 world, cleaning services are more important than ever, and are an important part of keeping a facility running smoothly.  If you need help or have cleaning questions, our service consultants are available.

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