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6 Things Often Missed During Office Cleaning

How detail-oriented is your cleaning company?  Have you ever been curious to find out but were too afraid to ask? Conveniently enough, fine tuning your ‘dirt radar’ can be easier than it seems.  It doesn’t require 20-20 vision, waving around a creepy blacklight or even conducting a scientific test swab….you just need to know where to look.  In this post we’ll peak behind the janitorial curtain and help you gain insight into 6 things often missed during office cleaning.  

Sure, your janitors seem to empty your recycling and vacuum the front lobby.  That’s good! But what issues are they not addressing?  Now that’s where things get interesting.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and take a ‘dirty tour’ of a typical office workplace. 

Behind and Underneath Trash Cans

Ever lift up a trash bin and glance underneath it?  You should.  How about the walls behind it?  These surfaces are frequently soiled with bits of food and beverage spills.  For some, shooting hoops with an empty Starbucks cup into a round can is a favorite office pastime.  Only sometimes a badly missed shot can bounce against the wall, resulting in a popped-top coffee explosion.  Coffee splashes and coffee runs down the wall are only the beginning.   You’ll often find food crumbs underneath the can and piled up in corners.  Nasty, icky food that can smell and attract insects.

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Inside of Trash Cans

Even if the trash is emptied on a routine basis, the insides of the bins can become problematic.  Loose liners that weren’t tightly fitted can fall in. Sometimes liners can snag and leak.  Liquids and foodstuffs sitting inside of the bin can become sticky and lead to unpleasant odors.

Commercial trash receptacles.

Waste receptacles can be a hot spot for numerous bacteria and viruses including E. Coli and Salmonella. This is why keeping them clean make a workplace safer. Take note that in some janitorial contracts the cleaning of trash receptacles in/out is actually not included. However, in most cases you can easily arrange to have this done by talking with your cleaning vendor. It can be added onto the standard scope of work as an additional task. Costs vary.

Ceiling Air Vents

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems help maintain a safe and comfortable office, but they also pull in dust.  If left to build up, overtime these thick layers of dust can become a visible grey color.  Long-neglected vents can even have a fuzzy look to them.  

Janitors should be able to high dust or vacuum the surface of these vents. But often, they’re forgotten. Excessive dust buildup can actually impede air flow.  As a compliment to routine janitorial, it’s also a good idea to have the inside of your HVAC system and vents routinely cleaned on an annual basis. 

Microwaves Are Often Missed During Office Cleaning 

A busy break-room can lead to daily food messes all over the place.  (Some people’s children!) Just like counter tops and sinks, microwaves need to be checked often.   Unfortunately microwaves are a commonly neglected cleaning item.  

Go ahead- pop open that microwave door and take a look around.  Take a whiff while you’re at it. You may see food splatter from overheated bowls of clam chowder.  Maybe you’ve got chili-mac pieces stuck to the ceiling. There’s who-knows-what….and for how long?  This can quickly make you lose your appetite.  

The inside of a dirty commercial microwave at the office.

If the TV gameshow Family Feud took a poll asking the audience about the dirtiest places in the office, the bathroom would likely be the most popular answer.   (And for good reason as toilets are still the reigning kings of bacteria!) Only, surprisingly enough, many kitchen surfaces aren’t too much better.  In fact, microwave buttons have an average of 214 bacteria per square inch.  If you’re curious, Web MD published a great list of the top spots for bacteria in the home and you’ll be surprised at the results! 

Light Switches

Light switches are known as a contact point, or something that’s touched often, by many people.  And cleaners often forget about them.  Regular cleaning will disinfect them and remove smudges that can take away from the physical image of your business. 

Light switches should be cleaned right along with other common contact points such as door knobs, push-bars, elevator buttons, etc. 

Real and Fake Plants Are Things Often Missed During Office Cleaning 

At BCS we love plants! They improve indoor air quality and add to the beauty of nearly any interior space. Both real and fake plants can collect dust and some attract insects.  Plant leaves should be checked for dust and spiderwebs.  This is something that many folks never stop to consider.   Live plants that are leased are generally well-maintained by the plant pros. But they are rarely cleaned.  

At Business Cleaning Solutions we have the experience necessary to help improve the cleaning in any commercial office facility.  We’re at your service, and we take great pride in helping businesses look their best. If you want quality, consistent cleaning with less hassle, contact one of our service consultants today for a free consultation.  

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