We take care of your business' physical image...so you don't have to. We've reimagined how cleaning services are managed in order to meet today's higher standards and adapt to sanitation needs that can change by the day.  At BCS we're at your service!

If you're finding the same cleaning problems time and time again, then your vendor isn't listening.

You've got a lot on your plate, let us take care of the dirty work.  The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that a properly cleaned facility is vital. Business owners and office managers are juggling the needs of customers and employees alike; there's little time to deal with cleaning  challenges.

Have you ever come into the office and found the alarm not set? Maybe your chair was mysteriously moved down the hall? Mystery smells in the bathrooms?

If some of this sounds familiar, then you've been putting up with a poor cleaning service.  At BCS we can help you make a change.   Vetting a new cleaning company doesn't have to be a painful experience when you got the experts by your side!


If your cleaning vendor is doing things right, then you shouldn't have to put much time and focus on the cleaning.


Put your time and attention on what matters most....your business! We manage the cleaning services so that you don't have to. Our goal is to make your life easier by actually managing the cleaning to ensure quality and consistency, freeing you up for more important things.

Commercial cleaning is essential, and choosing the right company can be a challenge.  We know this, which is why our experienced consultants can assess your place of business to create a customized cleaning plan that's tailor-made to fit your needs. From manufacturing to retail, we've cleaned it all. No two businesses are the exact same, therefore neither are their cleaning challenges.  Sometimes a little detective work is required and these are the kinds of puzzles we enjoy solving.  More importantly, it's  all about you, your business, and maintaining it's physical image!


If your carpets, windows, and floors are looking bad then your cleaning company isn't paying attention.

A good cleaning company must do their part to keep up on periodic maintenance jobs and cleaning tasks.  Are you paying for a cleaning maintenance program, but question whether or not the work is really being done?  Examples include quarterly flooring scrubbing or twice a year carpet cleaning.  Janitorial tasks can include monthly high dusting of air returns. Consistency is a result of quality management and at BCS we know what it takes to hold cleaners accountable to the scope of work.



Is your current service provider doing things the right way?

Properly vetting a cleaning company is not something to overlook.  We can make your life easier by doing this legwork for you.  We ensure that your cleaning service is continually up to date with any licensing, insurance documentation, employee background checks and more.  Below are some of the criteria we look at when assessing the ideal cleaning service to meet your needs:

  • Did they do a thorough walk thru of your space to understand your needs?
  • Do they understand your business and its service requirements?
  • Do they provide all the services you need?
  • What was the turnaround time for receiving a proposal?
  • Will they create a custom and thorough Scope of Work?
  • Are they registered and carry the necessary insurance coverages?
  • Do they background check their staff?
  • Do they guarantee their work?
  • What’s their follow-up process for addressing concerns and requests?
  • What quality control processes do they have?
  • Is their staff properly trained?
  • Do they have a list of references?

Cleaning Services to keep your business looking it's best!

A full service cleaning company can meet a variety of service needs.  Consider the following services when game planning the maintenance of your business:

Janitorial Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Floor care 

Upholstery Cleaning

WIndow Cleaning

Pressure Washing


Why Contacting Business Cleaning Solutions is the Smart Move

  • You value your time. Spend it where it matters most and let BCS manage the cleaning.
  • We make things simple and hastle free. All estimates are free of charge. No obligations = no worry.
  • We actually listen, and will take the time to figure out how to keep your business clean.
  • Attentive customer support for any issue, no matter how big or small.
  • Customized scope of services.


Content, tips and solutions that help our clients optimize their physical appearance while reducing
their cleaning and maintenance nightmares.

What Our Customers are Saying...

Rachel T

Eric's team has kept my dental clinic looking great! They've always done a great job cleaning our office, so that's 4 stars vote in my book!” 

Sarah P

“We highly recommend Mike and Business Cleaning Solutions here in Salt Lake for your cleaning needs."

Richard B.

“The crew comes at night and its great to come into a fresh looking store the next day”