Zen and the art of a clean workspace.  At BCS our priority is to make sure your place of business is clean, every time.  This means no more inconveniences such as dusty desks and coffee rings.  We take care of the cleaning so you can focus on more important things. For us, it's all about maintaining the physical image of your business.


Are your cleaning problems stuck on repeat, like it's Groundhog's day?

Have you ever come into the office and found the alarm not set? Maybe your chair mysteriously moved down the hall? Strange smells in the restroom?

At Business Cleaning Solutions we consult companies on how to get the cleanest possible office environment.  We take away the headaches caused by inattentive and poorly managed cleaning services.   Having a consistently fresh workplace doesn't have to be a painful experience when you've got the experts at BCS on your side.


A clean workplace allows for better focus, clarity, and productivity.


Put your time and attention on what matters most....your business! Choosing the right cleaning company can be a challenge.  We know this, which is why our experienced consultants can assess your place of business to create a customized cleaning plan that's tailor-made to fit your needs. No two businesses are the same, therefore neither are the cleaning challenges.  We take the time to listen...in order to get you the best cleaning solutions!


Business Cleaning Solutions is your expert in office cleaning.

We service a wide range of small to medium sized commercial offices in multiple industries. This includes medical offices, real estate and insurance offices, industrial/warehouse, retail, and much more. Take a look at some of our most popular types of clientele:

Insurance Agencies

From the curb to the lobby, we can keep your business clean and presentable for all who walk through your door.  We can help you showcase your company with a clean storefront, lobby, and all areas of your workplace.

Call Centers

We understand the cleaning challenges that come with having a large number of employees sharing facilities.  We can help your business organize your kitchen and restrooms so that things like hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and dispensers never become a problem.

Office Cleaning

From Ad agencies to Real Estate offices, we can keep your  space clean and refreshed for the start of each business day!

Manufacturing/ Warehouse Offices

We're well-versed on the cleaning demands that manufacturing and warehouse offices require. Dirt and oils being tracked in from muddy boots? Black fingerprint smudges on walls, windows and appliances?  This is where BCS can help.

Health Care Offices

From dentistries to physical therapy clinics, we know the attention to detail that is needed in order to keep medical facilities properly cleaned.

Small Business Cleaning

Is your small business located inside of a larger office building?  Or maybe you have a brick and mortar location?  No problem, as we've got you covered.  We offer different cleaning plans and frequencies of service.  And of course we work with you on scheduling the cleaning for a convenient day that works for you.

Dirty windows? Spotty carpets? Beat up floors?

If so, then maybe your current cleaning company isn't paying attention.  Maintenance is always cheaper than replacement.  A well-managed, full service cleaning company can meet a variety of service needs.  Consider the following services when game planning the maintenance of your business:

Floor work

Deep clean, restore, and maintain your hard surface flooring. We service everything from concrete, wood, stone, vinyl, tile, laminate and more.

Carpet Cleaning

Our expert technicians can clean, deodorize, and spot treat any type of carpet.

Window Cleaning

Bring back those beautiful views with squeegee cleaning of your windows.  Don't forget those interior office relights as well.

Upholstery Cleaning

Breathe new life into your old office furniture.  We can remove staining and smells from sofas, and even computer chairs.

Customer Reviews

"BCS is great to work with. We have been extremely pleased with the way our building looks since they have taken over. They have done a great job at keeping our shop facilities clean, which is no easy task when the crew works with metals and oils all day long. They were up for the challenge and have exceeded our expectations.
We look forward to continual business with them."

-Penny, Boise ID

"Eric is quick to respond to questions and requests and the BCS team is thorough and professional. We have been more than satisfied with both the price and the quality of service. Whether you are looking for daily cleaning service or a periodic deep clean definitely give them a call!"

-Alison, San Diego CA

"Thank you Business Cleaning Solutions for doing such a great job cleaning our learning center here in Meridian. Our neat and clean center is what our families always comment on when they are deciding to use our service. Thank you for always delivering high quality work each and every time."

-Mike, Meridian ID

"Business Cleaning Solutions is responsive and does a great job listening to the clients needs.  Eric did a wonderful job following through and making sure everything is cleaned to our specifications.  I appreciate the good work they do and I would recommend them if you are looking for a great cleaning crew."

-Rebecca, San Diego CA

"I have used Business Cleaning for almost 9 months now in my office. They have done a good job and always friendly when I speak to them. If I have any concerns or questions they have always been prompt at getting back to me and keeping communication with me."

-Kirsten, Bose ID

"Business Cleaning Solutions has been great for our dental office! They are prompt and accommodating. Thanks guys!"

-Kristal, Boise ID

We protect the physical image of your business.

  • You value your time. Spend it where it matters most and let BCS manage the cleaning.
  • Rest easier knowing that BCS will provide the best quality clean, with less hassle.
  • Your business will become our priority. We have the cleaning solutions and expertise to keep your business looking it's best!
  • Attentive customer support for any issue, no matter how big or small.
  • Customized scope of services.


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Monday mornings at the office don’t have to be this difficult.

Let Business Cleaning Solutions take a little bit off of your plate and manage your commercial cleaning services. We protect the physical image of your business, so you don’t have to! Contact one of our service consultants today for a free consultation.

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