Why Choose BCS for your commercial cleaning needs?

Since Business Cleaning Solutions was founded in 2008 and has helped clients aross a wide spectrum of industries find reliable office cleaning services. Our success has been the product of one vision, one focus, and one goal: "Preserving and protecting the physical image of the clients we service!"

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In business, image is everything.

At Business Cleaning Solutions, we don’t see cleaning; we understand the physical image of our client's business and how we can add value to it. We hope to improve the lives of every client we meet by making their life a little easier.  We do this by delivering a quality, hassle free cleaning  every time.

Have you recently taken a moment to view your office environment from the perspective of a customer, client, or employee? Does the cleanliness of your facility represent the image, culture, and professionalism that it should? Having your office professionally cleaned on a consistent basis establishes a standard and fosters productivity by creating a more positive and welcoming workplace environment.

When an interior environment is properly cleaned and disinfected, there is a tremendous reduction in the presence of germs and bacteria that can transmit problems such as colds and flu. Regular cleaning increases the overall indoor air quality and keeps your facility smelling fresh and clean.

When you choose BCS to lead your commercial office cleaning, we guarantee you'll receive the following:

Friendly, respectful office cleaning professionals.

Responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

Green cleaning practices, tools and materials.

The latest in cleaning techniques, training, and equipment.

Security is paramount.  All of our staff is background checked and ready to deliver superior cleaning results.

How is Business Cleaning Solutions different
from our competitors?


Why pay more, only to receive less with the large, corporate-run franchises? At Business Cleaning Solutions the benefit to you is accessibility.  We're local, we're available, and we care.  Sure, those big-name cleaning companies make large promises, but in the end do they really give you the attention you deserve?

At Business Cleaning Solutions we're at your service no matter how large or small your operation is.  And that's a promise!



Ever wonder what it's like to go through your workday and not even think about the cleaning?  No more complaints from accounting about the toilets?   At BCS we take pride in our  attention to detail and better than 20-20 vision(!)

Actually, part of the secret to our success is that we're simply proactive in addressing cleaning problems before they arise.  This makes the cleaning issues our concern and not yours.


We simply love what we do.  It's true....some of our staff are a little OCD and have a passion for cleanliness.  But that's a good thing in the cleaning biz. We enjoy working with people, and with so many referrals via word of mouth, we like to think it's working!

5 Things to Look for When Looking for Reliable Office Cleaning Services

1. Locally Owned

You want to work with a a locally-owned neighborhood company, not a franchise so that you know exactly who you are trusting with access to your building.


You want to talk to people just like you who know, first hand, the people and quality of the work your can expect.

3. Service Options

Your needs change from day-to-day and month-to-month, so you need to partner with a group that offers a wide variety of service. We offer full floor care, special cleaning requests, construction clean-up and move-in/out cleaning.

4. Overall Value

You shouldn't go with the lowest price, but you need to get great value if you are paying more. Don't accept a cut rate bid and let unqualified crews into your office. We pay our crews legally and bid jobs correctly so that they have enough time to clean your space properly without having to cut corners.

5. Flexible Contracts

Make sure that the contract has a clause that allows you to cancel with a 30 day written notice if not satisfied with service. Some contracts don’t have that built in and can companies can be locked in for months with poor service.

Interested in learning More?

Give us a try and find out first hand the difference of working with Business Cleaning Solutions.

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