A business owner is frustrated with bad commercial cleaning.

The Hidden Costs of Bad Commercial Cleaning

Companies with outstanding customer service will prioritize the needs of their customers.  They’ll ask the fundamental question, “Is our product or service meeting or exceeding client expectations?”  In commercial cleaning if that answer is ‘NO’ many times the customer takes on added burden.  When cleaning conditions become unacceptable, it’s the customer who first receives complaints from their customers or staff.  They are then placed in the unenviable position of playing messenger…forced to spend time sending emails or making phone calls to their vendor.   This is but one of the many hidden costs of bad commercial cleaning.  

How Cut-Rate or the Cheapest Cleaning Services Can Lead to Bad Cleaning.  

Often times the lowest bidding commercial cleaning company will have the least responsive customer service.  In order to get the price down, cut-rate cleaning companies will try and reduce their expenses in whatever way they can.  One of the easiest methods is reducing managerial support.  

However, various challenges can arise from time to time.  This is where bad cleaning can become problematic.  At moments when you need them the most, the cheapest cleaning service has no one available.   You reach someone’s voice mail or your email goes unanswered for days.   Meanwhile, no action is being taken to remedy the situation. Not good.

Questionable Quality Control: A Hallmark of Poor Cleaning

Another consequence of reduced managerial support?  Nobody is checking the cleaning crew’s work.  If you’re experiencing bad cleaning, you should ask yourself, when was the last time a customer service person checked in, called or stopped by?  Can’t recall?  Not surprising.  This can be a red-flag for bad service.  

At the expense of the customer, some cleaning companies will take short-cuts on the cleaning to reduce costs. The result: fast, loose, and neglectful cleaning.

Dirty tile and grout flooring from a lack of mopping.

Poor Communication = Bad Commercial Cleaning.

As a business owner or manager you expect a clean workplace.   After all, it’s what you’re paying for.   But when a facility suffers cleaning challenges, how do you know when it’s time to pick up the phone? Most (reasonable) business professionals don’t enjoy having to make complaints.  It can be time-consuming, disappointing, and frustrating. 

Good communication up front is necessary in order for the cleaning service to operate smoothly.  If a vendor is not proactive and does not explain the cleaning services or provide a scope of work, this can lead to an uninformed client, and a mismatch in expectations.  

Conversely, a good commercial cleaning company will establish a customer service contact person up front. The customer knows who to contact and how.  This crucial relationship is established early on.  Any problems that arise are addressed in a timely manner.

Bad Commercial Cleaning has no Plan.

Ready for another hidden cost of bad cleaning?  Go ahead, take another sip of coffee.  We’ll wait.  (This one is important). Cleaning services with no plan.  Great leadership and planning is what separates good cleaning companies from the bad.  

Having a clear plan is vital for the safety and security of both the cleaning crew and your business.  Cleaning involves working with, and managing people.  Sometimes this is done across multiple languages.  A cleaning vendor should establish the appropriate actions to take should an emergency come up.

Examples of policies and procedures that a business and it’s cleaning vendor should establish right away include:

  • After hours emergency contacts
  • Alarm protocols
  • Fire and flood procedure
  • Reporting vandalism

The Biggest Hidden Cost: Damage to Flooring, Carpeting, Walls and other Surfaces.

We saved the best for last.  As mentioned previously, poor quality cleaning is often full of shortcuts.  These shortcuts can lead to various surfaces in your business becoming permanently degraded, stained, or destroyed.  Examples of time-saving cleaning shortcuts include: minimal dusting, infrequent vacuuming, or a complete lack of mopping.  Overtime, sloppy cleaning like this can take a toll on your facility.  Here are common examples:

Carpet replacement.  Eventually a lack of vacuuming and carpet spot cleaning will shorten the lifespan of the carpet.  Stains become permanent.  Carpet fibers become damaged.  Not good.

dirty commercial carpet.
Vacuuming? Anyone? Bueller?

Floor replacement: a lack of mopping will eventually speed up the destruction of multiple surfaces.  Urine splashes left to sit can stain grout, and erode paint from surrounding stall walls.  It can even degrade vinyl flooring underneath the urinals and around toilets.

That wraps up our list of the hidden costs of bad cleaning.  Are your eyes popping with disbelief?  We don’t want to part ways without mentioning one more final, and slightly petty hidden cost of bad cleaning: they’ll use your paper towels for the cleaning service.  Hint: they should be using their own microfiber rags and paper towels.  Questions? At Business Cleaning Solutions we’re always happy to chat!

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