Man smiles while on the phone giving feedback to his commercial cleaning company.

Why Your Cleaning Company Appreciates Your Feedback

Communication plays a vital role in maintaining a clean business.  Keeping a facility running smoothly is a collaborative effort between a company’s management team, it’s employees, and their vendors.  Office Managers will often coordinate operations by establishing protocols. They’ll periodically get employee feedback and make adjustments where needed.  Memos go out and everyone’s on the same page.  But don’t forget to check in with your service providers as well.  Your cleaning company appreciates your feedback because things can change, and simply put, they’re not seeing what you’re seeing during the day.

There’s No Substitute For Sunlight.

A busy office with professional women at an active dog in the lobby.
Hustle-bustle of a busy office during the day!

Oftentimes commercial janitorial is performed after hours.  As such, lighting conditions are different.  As an example, a lobby might have morning sunshine that pours in from East facing windows. The brilliant sunlight may illuminate things such as fine dust or hairs.  At times these things can be tough to spot at night.  Especially on darker surfaces such as black filing cabinets or tables.  As such, it’s entirely possible that your cleaners might be missing certain areas.  This is where your feedback is important.  While commercial cleaners are trained to utilize systems and tools, things can fall off their radar (we’re only human, after all).  If you’re seeing re-occurring issues with the cleaning, it can only benefit you and the physical image of your business to contact your cleaning company and let them know.

8 hours a Day Can Give perspective. 

Throughout the business day a bustling office can get a variety of activity coming through the door.  Customers with dusty boots, muddy paws, and delivery hand trucks….using kiosks, restrooms, kitchens, etc.  Then there’s inclement weather blowing in with each turn of the front door. New messes are constantly being created.  As an employee spending 8 hours a day in a space, you may be privy to new trends that your cleaning company is unable to foresee.  Perhaps toilet paper use has suddenly gone up after a wave of new hires.  Suddenly more Autumn leaves are being tracked in.  Then there’s the new pet-friendly policy that’s created a nightmare for the carpets.  There are many variables when it comes to cleaning a business.  Giving your service provider a heads up on changes like these is a win-win for everybody. 

Changes to Your Operations Can Directly Affect the Cleaning.

There are times when the scope of work in your service contract may need to be updated to fit the changing needs of your business. An example of this could include an upcoming remodel.  A square footage expansion or contraction would necessitate a service contract review.  A minor change could be that a new employee with allergies was recently onboarded.  Perhaps changes to a hypo-allergenic hand soap and fragrance-free air fresheners would be a big help.  Exchanging suggestions and feedback with your cleaning company can be invaluable in circumstances like these. 

Also of note: reporting any changes to the areas serviced. However large or small, these changes could affect the cleaning services. Game-planning could be another great opportunity for feedback.  In some cases insurance, medical and legal firms may receive full cleaning services to most areas, but may opt out of having Human Resources or records offices cleaned.  This is often requested for security or HIPAA concerns. 

Your Cleaning Company Needs feedback for Security Reasons.

Man operates alarm while performing the commercial cleaning.
Good communication can improve security.

At Business Cleaning Solutions we believe that security should be paramount.  It’s beneficial to the entire team when we’re all being pro-active with security related concerns.  A facility manager might want to inform their janitorial company concerning any late activities that are to be expected such as other vendors or company parties.  Alarm use, key use, and building access all require strict protocols.  Feedback and ongoing communication can improve these efforts.

On the other side of the coin, a good cleaning company should be proactive and report things such as broken windows, vandalism, malfunctioning doors and locks, etc.  Your cleaning company can serve as an extra set of eyes and ears.  Encouraging feedback will help ensure that your business is secure, clean, and refreshed for the start of each business day. 

Lastly, if your cleaning company is doing a terrific job, tell them!  Positive feedback goes a long way and can be encouraging.  If you have questions on why your cleaning company appreciates your feedback,  just give us a call today!

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