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Why Local Cleaning Companies can Better Service Small Businesses

Whether you have 8 employees or 60, finding and hiring the right cleaning company isn’t easy.   After all, it’s an investment in time and resources. For small to medium sized businesses this decision can be costly. However, there are benefits to partnering with a locally owned and operated cleaning company.  This includes superior customer service, faster response times, better relationships, a commitment to community, and a cleaning service that shows equal investment in your facility.  

As the decision maker, you may spend time researching companies online and will meet with a few of them.  You may then compare the service bids and look to award a contract.  But what if the prices are similar? While most cleaning companies will try and woo you with big promises, how can you be sure they’ll deliver?

Larger cleaning companies with nationally recognized logos and slogans might make a good first impression, but will the cleaning service be as good as advertised?  Let’s look at the reasons why local cleaning companies can better service small to medium sized businesses.  

With locally owned or smaller companies you’ll get superior customer service

For independent or locally owned cleaning companies your business truly matters.  There is real incentive to earn your business the right way and to maintain an ongoing relationship.   As such, they’re less likely to take your business for granted.  For the customer this means phone calls or emails get answered.  Your request or concern will be heard by someone who cares.  As a result, the job gets done or the problem is taken care of in a timely fashion.  Ultimately this culminates into a better cleaning service of much greater value.

With a locally owned cleaning vendor you’ll have better relationships

Commercial cleaning is a people business that requires team work and strong relationships. Trust in a relationship developed through rapport and good communication.  Locally owned cleaning businesses are more apt to stop by, check-in, or touch base on how the cleaning is going.  By being local, they’re simply available, which is a substantial benefit.  The customer service rep is more likely to get to know you and your facility.  Familiarity leads to trust, and you’ll rest easier knowing that your business is being reliably cleaned.  

Local companies have a better commitment to community

Local businesses support each other.  This will often lead to loyalty and camaraderie within the business community.  Going local ensures that your dollars and your commerce stay within your town or city. Your money is not going into some corporate headquarters located across the country or feeding some other private equity group.

Small business community of the typical main street USA.

You get an equal investment in your facility

Okay, so we’re clearly rooting for the underdogs here- but for good reason.  The culmination of superior customer service, better relationships and a commitment to community means that your local cleaning company is more likely to care about your facility just as much as you do.  Collectively, these efforts display a vested interest in keeping your workplace clean.  Day in and day out you get a reliably cleaned business.  We think this is the definition of commercial cleaning done right.   

Do you have more questions as to why local cleaning companies can better service small to medium sized businesses? Contact us today. We’re happy to help. 

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