Why Commercial Lobby Cleaning is a Must

The lobby of your business is the gateway to what you have to offer to your customers. The appearance of your business is a reflection of you and needs to have the same polish and professionalism that you do.

Key Lobby Cleaning


It is easy to miss high shelves, ceiling fans and fixtures so regular dusting is a must. Tall customers may be able to spot those high places that were skipped and those prone to allergies will be extra sensitive to dust particles in the air. Vents are another commonly skipped area that need attention. Dust that accumulates in your heating or air conditioning vents can not only trigger allergies but can also become a fire hazard.


Regardless of the type of floor you have in your lobby, it needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. A lobby floor is generally a high traffic area and can be quickly marred by scratches and stains. Carpeted areas can also quickly become a hotbed of dirt and grime. It’s important to know what kind of flooring you have and what tools and cleaners are best for your specific flooring.

Carpet care should include a protection product as well as daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. Vacuuming every day is ideal but a minimum of three times a week will help remove dirt and increase your carpets longevity. Spots should be taken care of immediately so they don’t cause permanent damage. Biannual deep cleaning, at a minimum, is also a necessity to keep your carpets looking their very best.

If you prefer laminate flooring, your cleaning materials and schedule should vary slightly. You will want to avoid any soap or excess water as these can make the laminate warp or swell. Laminate specific cleaners should be used and laminate floors should be lightly cleaned daily with deeper cleanings scheduled at least several times a year. Mats and rugs can also be utilized to prevent unsightly scratches.

Reception desk and areas

It can be challenging to keep work areas clean and tidy but if you want to make a good first impression, it is absolutely necessary. Some staff members eat at their desks or have creative filing systems that include file folders scattered in as many corners of their office as possible. While your staff should be responsible for keeping their workspace tidy, commercial cleaners can swoop in and take care of the rest. Cleaning desks, taking out the trash and vacuuming around heavily used areas will go a long away in keeping your lobby workspaces clean and welcoming.


The first thing a prospective customer is going to see or touch is the door to your lobby. Their first interaction with your professional space is an important one. Does your door have dust on it? Scratches? Scotch tape? These are all little but noticeable items. Cleaning your doors doesn’t have to be arduous but it does need to be done. A commercial cleaner will determine what type of finish you have on your door and use the appropriate materials to wipe it down at the end of the night. This will help maintain your doors and help you make the best first impression possible.


This is another easily overlooked but critical item. Your lobby may have glass windows, doors, or decorative glass. Glass helps separate spaces while still allowing an open feel. It is also a magnet for fingerprints, dust, anything sticky and so much more. While cleaning glass is not difficult, it is helpful to have the right tools and time to dedicate to the task. For instance, squeegee is a much better option than paper towels, which tend to tear and leave small pieces behind. It’s also important to get the small corners where dust and dirt like to accumulate. Clean, sparkling glass makes a statement about your meticulous attention to detail while fingerprints and dust imply quite the opposite.

You probably didn’t get into business so you could spend your days cleaning. Your time and energy is valuable and should be spent where it belongs: on customers, on building your business, and on making it the best business it can be. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the things that are truly important. Call our office today and let us do the dirty work for you.

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