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Why Commercial Cleaning Management Makes Life Easy

Ever glance around your office and wonder if the cleaners are in a rush?  Maybe a dust cloud was stirred up when you opened some window blinds.  Perhaps you tracked the same leaves on the carpet for days at a time.  Vacuuming? Anybody? Bueller?  Maybe you said something but nothing happened. There could be a myriad of reasons as to why no one followed up.   In this article we’ll look to answer some commonly asked janitorial questions and take a look at reasons why commercial cleaning management makes life easy for property managers and business owners.    

The most effective method to get a clean office begins with communication.  This can establish a customer feedback loop that only serves to benefit you as the customer. 

What is a Customer Feedback Loop?

It’s a strategy for ongoing service improvement based upon the user’s opinions and suggestions.  The key is replying to customers when they give feedback.  This is based on a reoccurring pattern called mutual causal interaction.  This is where the actions of both parties have mutual impact upon the other. 

You Shouldn’t have to Manage the Cleaning.  

Customer feedback loop- sounds easy, right? Problem is, customer service is where many janitorial companies fall short.  Additionally, managing janitorial is much more challenging than it may seem.

Many people don’t want to come across as whiny or a complainer.  But what are fair expectations?  You may never know unless you ask.  How do you start the customer feedback loop? This is where having a commercial cleaning management company is a big plus.  They can facilitate clear communication and track the results.  

Developing a strong line of communication can be challenging at times.  For example, commercial cleaning managers can help overcome language barrier issues.  They’ll then do quality control by inspecting the cleaning to ensure progress is made.  Additionally, they can consult the customer on their options and answer any questions.  

Common Concern: #1: My desk is always dusty, what gives?  

Answer: Could be clutter.  Unlike residential housekeeping, in commercial janitorial your personal property is not picked up or cleaned off.  Only open surfaces are cleaned.  This is industry standard.  As such, those shelves full of trophies and photographs can become dusty.  The same goes for cluttered desks full of paperwork.  A commercial cleaner is going to clean around these things.  Not underneath or behind them. 

The Solution: coordinate a ‘detail cleaning day’ with your cleaning company.  Pick a convenient day of the week for desktop clearing.  At the end of the designated business day before going home, each employee could clear his or her own space.  It’s low to no pressure.  An optional value add for those folks that desire a more thorough cleaning.  (Shoutout to the fellow germaphobes out there!)

When the cleaners come in that evening they would put a hard focus on desk cleaning.  So there you go, a real-time example of a customer feedback loop that’s better orchestrated by a commercial cleaning management company.  As the cliché goes, team work makes the dream work! 

Common Concern #2: Do the cleaners even vacuum?  

Answer: Yes, they do! Although not every square inch of carpet, every night.  (That would take a long, long time.)  Oftentimes it’s the high traffic carpeted areas that are vacuumed nightly.  Examples include lobbies, hallways and conference rooms. 

Each service private offices are vacuumed on an ‘as-needed’  basis.  Which means if there is visible dirt and debris then it should be vacuumed.  Otherwise, private office carpets are given a complete corner to corner vacuuming on a weekly basis no matter what the carpet looks like.   

Solution #1: Tuck/organize your electronic chords.  That brain wrapped jumble of electronic chords under your desk could be the problem.  For liability purposes commercial janitors won’t move them or unplug anything.  So if an orange Cheetoh had tumbled down and made a home underneath a power strip….the cleaners could indeed be missing it. 

Solution #2: Clear the floor of personal property.  Just like with desk cleaning, commercial cleaners won’t pick up your shoes and bags from the floor.  They’ll vacuum as much open carpet as they can.  It’s up to you to clear the path.  You could even designate a detail cleaning day for this. 

Common Concern #3: There’s fingerprints on the front door glass….again. Help!

Answer: it could be that the cleaners aren’t seeing it.  In reality, if your front doors are East-facing then that morning sunshine will illuminate just about everything.  Visibility at night can admittedly be a challenge.  And since front doors get touched a lot they should get cleaning attention each service. 

Solution: additional training and follow up by the cleaning company is needed.  It begins with them following up with the crew, re-evaluating the situation and re-training. Routine follow up helps.  It always beneficial to say something, rather than put up with the problem until you’re frustrated to wits end.  Starting the customer feedback loop early only plays to your advantage as the customer.

Additional consideration: periodic squeegee cleaning to problematic windows.  This is usually an additional service, but your cleaning company should be able to provide you with numerous pricing options.

This is Why Commercial Cleaning Management Makes Life Easy.

As a business owner or manager you want to impress customers, vendors, and employees alike.  This is why you spend money on attractive signage, enticing interior décor and comfortable furnishings.  This is all part of maintaining the physical image of your business.  The next step is to keep it clean.  A commercial cleaning management company will advocate for you and ensure that your business looks magnifique!  You’ll be on the path to clear glass and shiny floors in no time.  And as a result you and your business have put it’s best foot forward. Questions, contact us today!

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