Responsible for Physical Image of Your Business

Who Should Be Responsible for the Physical Image of Your Business?

In many organizations, someone, typically in management, is given the task of ensuring the physical image of the organization is properly maintained for customers, clients and employees. In large organizations, there are entire departments dedicated to the task. In small to medium sized organizations, this can be anyone from a business owner, to someone in management or office staff. For small to medium organizations, how do you determine who is responsible for one of the most important aspects of your business: the physical image? In this article, we provide the pros and cons of each person typically assigned to this task.

Business Owners

When most businesses begin, typically the owner of the business is responsible for determining the standards regarding the physical image of the business. They hire a service, review and approve the scope of work and pricing and address any concerns or requests directly with the service. They know what they want and because they interact directly with the service provider, they receive the level of service they expect.

But what happens when the business starts to grow? Business owners already have enough on their plate. Where are they going to have the time to make sure the physical image is at it’s best? What if they need to travel? In most cases, this is about the time the task needs to be delegated to someone else. But who?

Management Staff

As a business grows, the responsibility for ensuring the physical image of the business looks its best is delegated. But who typically takes over the role? More times that not, that will be a member of management. There are several advantages to using a member of management to perform this role. They can take the responsibility away from the company owners so they can attend to business growth. They know the working environment and have a good understanding of company standards and expectations. They also have working relationships with co-workers, so they are able to give productive feedback.

With advantages, there can also be disadvantages to assigning this role to a member of management and there are some questions that should be considered before deciding who performs this role. Can they fulfill the role and attend to their other responsibilities? Do they understand the working relationship between customers and vendors? Do they have the authority to approve changes or requests to services when needed? How committed are they to the business and the physical image of the business? Each of these questions should be considered when delegating this role to ensure the person fulfilling it and the service provider providing the service are both setup for success.


In some work environments, organizations have selected employees as a group to do the tasks focused on preserving and protecting the physical image of a business. From wiping windows, to sweeping and mopping floors, many organizations include these duties in staff job descriptions. There are many advantages to this. By having staff do the work, management has more control over which tasks are done and by whom. If properly organized and delegated, this can be a valuable team building piece by team members showing appreciation for the work being done by the team. It can also create a higher level of ownership by employees when they know their work is on display for others.

There are several disadvantages that should be considered when delegating this to employees as a group. First, it can be much harder to hold a group accountable compared to an individual. If the work is not being done, how can employees, as a group, properly hold themselves accountable? Next, if not properly organized and delegated, resentment can occur because employees are not equally tasked. With the difficulty level of tasks being subjective, how does a business know who performs which tasks? Is the receptionist better at sweeping and mopping floors than an accountant? Lastly, unless the business focuses on providing cleaning services, how will employees know the scope of work and how to complete it in an efficient amount of time?

No Management

Believe it or not, there are some businesses that have no management is place regarding to the physical image of the business. Contrary to what these organizations might believe, the lack of management is almost always evident. You will find buildup on interior and exterior windows, carpets and floors are unsightly and the restrooms will literally keep people from ever visiting again. The perception of the physical image of a business can lead to success or failure just as much as any other department. Having the correct person assigned to preserving and protecting the physical image can ensure the hard work every person puts into the success of the business is not lost when someone walks in the door.

Business Cleaning Provider

In an ideal world, the best person to manage the physical image of a business is someone who has expertise in it. Someone who pays attention to what customers, clients and employees see when they visit or come to work. A person that takes accountability for the physical image because that is their primary job function. Someone with knowledge of the industry including best practices and processes. How does someone find this in a small to medium organization? They hire a Business Cleaning Service Provider.

A Business Cleaning Service Provider can provide the experience, knowledge, accountability and expertise to ensure the physical image of the organization looks it’s best. They consult on what services would make the greatest impact and manage the service and frequency for you. They take pride in the services they provide because they know their work will be displayed for all customers, clients and employees to see. When done properly, Business Cleaning Service Providers can have one of the greatest impacts on the success of a business.

However, there can be drawback to hiring an outside provider. Because the work is contracted out, the organization has little direct control over the quality of the work aside from voicing their concerns and changing providers. With some providers, there is a language barrier that typically doesn’t exist with direct employees because their language skills are a requirement of their job. Lastly, using a provider can end up being less cost effective than using in-house staff if the provider is not properly managing the staff and the service.

Obtaining an On-Site Consultation by a Professional

A professional Business Cleaning Service Consultant can be a valuable resource for improving and maintaining the physical image of an organization. They have an understanding of the best tools, methods, and products for effectively cleaning and sanitizing the location. This professional will have the knowledge and experience to determine the optimal frequency when certain cleaning tasks should be performed to maintain a consistently attractive appearance.

Is your organizations workplace environment in need of improvement to enhance your overall physical image? Business Cleaning Solutions provides comprehensive and customized solutions for companies operating in all types of business settings. We encourage you to contact one of our service experts today for an on-site consultation.

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