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Tips for Maintaining A Clean Business in Fall

Each season can present new building maintenance challenges to even the most seasoned of facilities managers.  At BCS we strive to stay ahead of the curve, and forecast any potential cleaning challenges that Autumn may bring.  This means being prepared for what may come next.  In this post we’ll share some cleaning-centric tips for maintaining a clean business in Fall.  

Blame it On the Rain

Newsflash: Summer’s over (we know, it was hard to let go). Now can be the time to appreciate intermittent rain as a big win for those thirsty trees and sun-scorched lawns. The landscaping at your business is back to a familiar shade of green and has never looked better!  But for many of us hard rain mean business disruption, wind breakers, and cold shivers.  

Ground water flooding from torrential downpours is a real thing.  Wet weather systems can suddenly dump more rain than the soil can absorb.  The excess water can pool and form puddles in some places and go traveling in others.  And traveling water needs a place to stay.  Fittingly enough, it follows the unforgiving path of gravity down into those warm, inviting ground floor and basement areas of your facility. Not good!

Wet streets in Autumn full of leaves
Autumn can be full of surprises

Batten down the hatches

As a precautionary measure, consider cleaning out nearby storm drains of leaves, sticks and other debris.  Atmospheric rivers overhead can quickly create swamps down below.  If rivers and creeks are overwhelmed, this can cause flash flooding if storm drains are blocked. 

Don’t forget the gutters.  Ensure that they’re free-flowing.  Clear out the same untimely bits of organic matter that can buildup, cause blockage and coerce water into travelling down unwanted places.

Water Hog Mats in the Lobby

Commercial water hog mats are a great investment.  While quality mats can be pricier, they’re also more durable and have better water absorption.  These mats keep water off your floors while minimizing slip hazards.  With hard surface flooring such as tile, stone, or concrete the presence of water can present a big problem.  Placing floor mats at your entrances and near your high traffic entry areas is a great look.  

Wet Floor Signs = the Classic Janitorial Red Flag

On days when the rain is unrelenting, it can be a terrific idea to place wet floor signs in the lobby, even during the business day.  Lady Liability loves signage like this!  There’s no better warning sign for the danger that can be high-heels on a wet floor quite like the classic yellow wet floor sign.  Also, if your building has a day porter, be sure that he/she puts more emphasis on keeping these front entry areas mopped and dry throughout their shift.

A wet floor sign posted for safety
Heads up- slippery when wet!

Those Pesky Leaves

Leaves: they look great in fiery shades of reds and gold atop giant maple trees…but then they fall off the branch and die.  Soon they’re collecting on your awnings and clinging to your windows.  Remember that organic matter is acidic.  Over time, the buildup of dead leaves and other decomposing organic matter can etch the surface of your cloth awnings, and even your windows.  

Organic matter also holds and traps moisture which can lead to the growth of unsightly moss.  Regular window and awning cleanings can help keep these problems at bay.  

We hope these tips will help you maintain a clean business in Fall.  Now is also the perfect time to go and reward yourself with a triple grande, nonfat pumpkin spiced latte!

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