The perks of working in commercial janitorial.

The Perks of Being a Janitor

When you think of words to describe blue collar professions such as plumbing, landscaping or commercial cleaning the word glamourous likely doesn’t come to mind.  Fair enough, but since when did the idea of work become glamourous? While the notion of getting a little dirty won’t appeal to everyone, there are benefits to working with your hands.  If you were to ask one of the prideful professionals in these industries to describe their occupation, they might choose another word: Essential. Surprisingly, there are many perks to being a janitor and we’ll explore why commercial cleaning jobs are often misunderstood, under-appreciated, and increasingly in high-demand.

First, a brief shout out to the Discovery Channel for helping America rediscover what it’s like to take pride in working various blue collar trades with their hit reality TV show Dirty Jobs, which aired from 2003 to 2012.  Host Mike Rowe was able to dive head-first into some seriously dirty jobs (garbage pit technician! crime scene cleanup!) You might be surprised to hear that Mike Rowe never performed one job in particular: commercial janitorial. Why? Well, relative to sewer inspection, commercial janitorial just isn’t that dirty.  It’s easy-breezy compared to bee-keeping or shark-suit testing.  While the show shed some light onto the tools and techniques involved in various trades, they didn’t expound upon some of the benefits.   

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Contrary to what you may have heard, commercial office cleaning is one of the most undirty, dirty jobs out there.  In another post we’ll be exploring how dirty you can actually get when cleaning an office (hint: not very!) For years pop culture has made fun of jobs that matter most, such as janitorial.  But janitorial work has many benefits which we’ll explore now…

It’s Easier to Take Pride in Work that is Meaningful.

Commercial cleaning allows you to see the results of your labor right away. There’s an inherent reward in seeing that you’ve made a difference.  When an office looks and smells cleaner, it feels cleaner.  At the same time, there’s a sense of pride in knowing that clean facilities are safer as well.  The Covid-19 pandemic showed everybody how vital proper cleaning and sanitization really is.  Without well-trained, hardworking people in janitorial, other industries would suffer greatly.  Professional cleaning is necessary for businesses to function and for our communities to stay healthy.   

Hours and Schedules are Flexible.

You may be surprised to hear that many businesses are cleaned at all hours.  This is especially convenient for those with small children whose spouse may work during the day.  Working a swing or graveyard shift could help cut living expenses such as childcare costs, elderly care, etc. 

For students, cleaning at night would give someone the opportunity to attend classes during the day.  Cleaning on a part time basis allows some people to generate extra income with a second job.  Lastly, day porter cleaning is essentially janitorial work performed during business hours. That’s right- daytime cleaning hours.  The options are nearly endless.  

Save Money on that Gym Membership that You’ll No Longer Need.

There’s no doubt about it- cleaning is physical work.  But it’s also the good kind.   Think of janitorial labor as getting in some light cardio.  If you were to wear a Fitbit and track your steps, you could easily put in over 15,000 steps on any given shift.  That’s a lot of calories burned and great activity for the heart.

Surprisingly enough, the ability to lift over 50 pounds is not a requirement.  Cleaning tools and techniques have gotten more ergonomic and lighter weight in recent years.  Putting in a few hours of cleaning a couple nights a week would be all it takes to get in shape and stay that way.  

No more rush-hour trips to the crowded gym. In fact, many cleaners don’t have to deal with rush-hour traffic and the long commutes. In all, you could decrease the total time spent away from your home and family.  #fitnessgoals! #worklifebalance

Bad traffic getting to the gym? No parking? …Still waiting on an elliptical!

Management Opportunities can be Lucrative.

Many janitorial companies will promote from within.  Even if you start out by cutting your teeth as a janitor, there’s as number of other career paths within the cleaning industry that can open up for you. Some of these include carpet cleaning technicians, floor maintenance techs, high-rise window cleaning, and more.  Often dedicated cleaners can become supervisors or account managers.  Going further, cleaning industry customer service and sales people can earn comfortable salaries.  In an industry that’s essential and rapidly growing, the opportunities are truly endless. 

Cleaning management opportunities allow you to work with business owners and property managers.

Janitorial Jobs can be Found Everywhere 

If you’re new or experienced, there will always be a cleaning job waiting for you no matter where you live, and no matter what size of town you reside in. Janitorial is essential, and a necessary service for businesses in all industries.  As such, it’s recession proof. 

If you get laid off from your primary occupation during times of economic recession, janitorial can be a good fallback and can float you until circumstances change.  

So, you look like a lumberjack but reside in the city…consider janitorial!  If you’d like to learn invaluable skills and eventually move into management, you might be the perfect candidate.  With the costs of college tuition at an all-time high, anyone with solid work ethic and a good attitude could thrive in the world of commercial cleaning.  For more information on the perks of being a janitor, or to get a quote on janitorial service for your business, contact the team at Business Cleaning Solutions. 

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