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Special Event Cleaning Made Easy

From holiday parties to retirement parties, many companies host special events, but how do they clean up afterward? Large scale productions may have an event planner orchestrating food caterers, DJs and other vendors.  Cleanup can be a real hassle…the red wine carpet stains! The excessive amount of trash!  But don’t fret- with a little advance planning a good commercial cleaning company can make your special event cleaning easy.  A number of arrangements can be made in order to get business back to normal.

Special Event Cleaning Begins with Great Communication

A well-managed janitorial company that prioritizes customer service should have a number of options available.  With a little time and planning, just about anything is possible.  Here are a few options to consider.

Arrange for Extra Labor

Whether your guest list includes a dozen or a hundred attendees, it’s likely that the cleaning needs will be more extensive than usual.  Worst case, there’s Corey the office admin; a hand-gestural speaker whose elbow collides with a cocktail waitress and topples the tray.   Or a kid-friendly charity event, with hard candy stuck to the carpet and greasy handprints on the windows. 

More food, beverages, and fun will generate more trash and recycling than normal.  Tables will be to be sanitized, floors vacuumed and swept.  Putting in extra labor is a great first step. It’s important to note that labor rates for special cleanups are generally a little higher than the cost of routine janitorial.  This extra labor can be arranged in a couple of ways.  

Get an Estimate

 In most cases you can ask for an estimate ahead of time.  However, this method is a little more challenging because the party’s cleaning needs can sometimes be difficult to forecast.  As such, your provider may estimate higher to ensure they cover their costs if it’s an extensive job.

Bill Based Upon Total Time and Materials

The easier and recommended method is to bill for the cleanup via total time and materials (T&M).    This works well when you have a trusted relationship with your janitorial company.  They should be able to quote you an hourly rate for the cleaning. The final bill is simply a tally of how many manpower hours it took to get things cleaned up.  

Start the Cleaning a little later.

No matter how big or small the event, we always recommended giving your cleaning company a general heads up.  It helps to let them know what time the party is scheduled to end.  This way your cleaners won’t interrupt the final toast by rolling into the office with a squeaky mop and bucket.  

Knowing the party’s closing time can help cleaners adjust their schedules accordingly.  They can clean other suites or parts of the building first, and then aim to clean your workplace last.  

Temporarily Change the Cleaning Days

If your business is cleaned 5 x week on Monday-Friday evenings but your event is being held on a Saturday, this could pose a problem.  You may fret over how the workplace will be reset in time for Monday.  This problem is easily solved in two ways:  

Method #1 Change of Service date:

This cost-effective method is to ask the cleaners well ahead of time if they can clean on Sunday evening that week, instead of Friday.  Friday would then become a day off for janitorial.  You’re still receiving 5 cleaning services that week, and come Monday morning the place looks good again.

Method #2: Add an additional cleaning service

The first method doesn’t always work if you have a really busy place of business.  If Fridays are usually buzzing with activity, then forgoing a Friday evening cleaning would be a problem.  In effect, your business wouldn’t look good ahead of Saturday’s party.  In this case you could arrange for an additional cleaning service.  An added Sunday cleaning service would be 6 total days of service that week. 

Special Cleaning Tasks and Instructions for the Cleaning Team

With great communication, your customer service person should be able to pass along any special requests or directions.  The following are things to consider:

  • Extra Trash bins.  Sometimes the projected volume of trash will exceed your current bins.  Extra bins can sometimes be brought in to help.
  • Cardboard Disposal.  If you expect a number of wine and food boxes, then the cleaners can have them all broken down and taken out to the main recycling bin.  
  • Extra Restroom Toiletries.  To prepare for a large event, extra toilet paper rolls and paper towel sleeves can be placed out on counter tops.   
  • Carpet Spot Cleaning.  If you’re worried about out those Persian area rugs, then your cleaning company may consider lending you some carpet spot cleaner for the night to address any urgent needs (such as office Admin Corey’s mishap from earlier).  

Additional Considerations with Special Event Cleaning

Most catering companies are great about cleaning up after themselves. If the janitorial team will be going in just as the event production is being taken down and packed up, it doesn’t hurt to put the caterers and cleaners in contact with one another.

Pro tip: If you’re debating festive party décor, pass on the glitter.  Trust us, you’ll be thankful you did.  It tends to linger…even after repeated vacuuming.   And you’re likely to continue coming across random glitter flakes weeks later.  

Mr. Saturday Night!

So go ahead, party plan away! There’s certainly no need to scale back on account of cleanup anxiety (That is, unless your company function is wild as a college Frat House).  Questions? Our team at BCS is always happy to help.  

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