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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services in San Diego

Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Environment for Business

Have you recently taken a moment to view your office environment from the perspective of a customer, client, or employee? Does the cleanliness of your facility represent the image, culture, and professionalism that it should? Having your office professionally cleaned on a consistent basis establishes a standard and fosters productivity by creating a more positive and welcoming workplace environment.

 When an interior environment is properly cleaned and disinfected, there is a tremendous reduction in the presence of germs and bacteria that can transmit problems such as colds and flu. Regular cleaning increases the overall indoor air quality and keeps your facility smelling fresh and clean.

Expectations for Your Work Environment

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An office is cleaned from the floor to ceiling, properly dusted, and professionally vacuumed. Windows are cleaned and all working area surfaces and desktops are cleaned using the appropriate products. Wooden trim is cleaned and polished.

In the bath rooms, you can expect that the toilets, sinks, faucets, and mirrors will sparkle and be properly disinfected as well.

Light fixtures and any overhead fans are kept clean. The grout will be scoured if necessary in any areas where there is tiling. All trash receptacles are emptied and cleaned as needed.

The office equipment is dusted, and much more. Keep in mind that Business Cleaning Solutions will customize the services we provide based on your unique needs and preferences.

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Our Services


Window Cleaning

Our staff will ensure your employees and clients have clear visibility of the Southern California sunshine without streaks. We offer full-service interior and exterior window cleaning and are able to recommend an appropriate schedule suited for your facility. We also clean window sills, screens and skylights!


Floor and Carpet Care

The BCS cleaning staff is well equipped with the finest tools, equipment, and cleaning agents to effectively clean the various types of flooring used in commercial facilities. This includes vinyl composition flooring (VCT), ceramic, granite, stone, slate, concrete and many more. We are also able to provide full carpet cleaning services when needed.


Custom Office Cleaning Services in San Diego

Business Cleaning Solutions is happy to offer solutions for any special cleaning needs that arise—even on short notice. This includes cleaning up after a party, conference, or another onsite event. We are available to clean up after construction or remodeling projects as well. We offer pressure washing, and a host of other specialized services.

Types of Businesses We Service

  • Small, medium, and large offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants      
  • Retail
  • Medical offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Industrial Offices

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We attribute much of our success to our fundamental commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction. When having your office professionally cleaned, it is reasonable to expect that high-quality service is provided on a consistent basis. Your ongoing feedback is always welcomed and we strive to provide responsive customer service.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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Our friendly Service Consultants are available to provide you with a personalized proposal.  We strive to deliver excellent value.

This is achieved by providing cleaning services that exceed industry standards and client expectations at a highly competitive cost.

Factors that influence the cost include how frequently services are performed, the size and layout of your facility, and more. 

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