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The Importance of Periodic Cleaning Inspections

When was the last time your cleaning service provider dropped by to say hi?  Did they inspect your business for areas where the cleaning could use improvement?  Have they at least called to check in and get your input on how service is going? If you can’t recall the last time a customer service person reached out, then your cleaning company might not be paying attention. This can be problematic as periodic cleaning inspections are highly recommended for quality control purposes to ensure that the cleaning has been consistent. 

Periodic Cleaning Inspections Help Ensure the Janitorial Staff Aren’t Missing Things. 

Imagine that coffee cake crumbs are still strewn about your office carpet days later.  Perhaps it’s due to a lack of corner and edge vacuuming.  Picture fuzzy dust stalactites growing from ceiling air vents.  High dusting is overdue.   Yes, sometimes cleaners miss things(!)  After all, it’s people doing the cleaning and they’re only human.   One of the biggest managerial challenges in commercial cleaning is making sure that the janitorial staff are being consistent in their work.  

A good cleaning service provider will have an eagle’s eye for spotting these issues. Dropping by to give a facility ‘the white glove test’ is a terrific way to identify problems.  This allows management to be pro-active and rectify any shortcomings with their staff.

Professional cleaners are trained to utilize certain systems and tools.  But sometimes they can get so deep into a routine that they go on autopilot.  As such, certain tasks can inadvertently fall off their radar.  A manager will see the same space in daylight with a different perspective and a fresh set of eyes.  Effective cleaning is all about attention to detail.  

Periodic Cleaning Inspections Help Illuminate Unique Cleaning Needs. 

When it comes to managing commercial cleaning services, it’s all about working with people.  The process begins with great customer service and getting to know a customer and his/her place of business.  Since no two businesses are the same, neither are the cleaning needs.  Periodic cleaning inspections will encourage a strong partnership and good communication between a business and it’s cleaning vendor.

Relax, do your business and let your cleaning company do the dirty work.

 Inspections are where additional insight can be gleaned from simply analyzing the facility up close.  Some examples include:

  • Summertime bugs! Inspections help with seasonal changes. Businesses that are surrounded by trees or other natural areas will often have lots of insect activity.  Bugs will try to enter those warm, sunlit vestibules.  Putting a focus on the vacuuming and high dusting especially during warm weather months will help prevent spiders from making themselves at home in your office.
  • Manufacturing or warehouse facilities can have machinery such as forklifts that can emit oil and grease.  This can get picked up on the bottoms of shoes and tracked throughout offices.  In this case the carpets wouldn’t stand a chance…unless your cleaning company is staying on top of it.  Proactive floor and carpet maintenance plans can also help. 
Not all spiders are “itsy-bitsy”!

Inspections Help Identify Unique Surfaces, Special Furniture and their Cleaning Needs.

Knowing that a business has vulnerable furniture and other surfaces is important.  Examples include specially painted walls where the finish could be marred when cleaning with too much chemical or water.   Fringed area rugs can get their strings and tassels pulled out by the beater-bar on upright vacuums.  Suede or velvet upholstery will have specific spot cleaning needs. Antique furniture may have special surface considerations.   All this to say that being familiar with what you’ll be cleaning, how you’ll be cleaning it, or what you’ll avoid cleaning altogether is important.  A responsible cleaning vendor will plan according to ensure that their cleaners are taking any necessary precautions.  

A Good Cleaning Company Should Stay on Top of Things.

Keep your cleaning company honest….they should do the cleaning inspections. Not you.  As a business owner, you’re busy.  Cleaning issues should be the last thing on your mind.  If you’re cleaning company is doing things right, then frankly you shouldn’t have to spend much time and brainpower thinking about cleanliness at all.  If you have questions on periodic cleaning inspections, the gang here at BCS is happy to help. 

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