The Best in Commercial Office Cleaning Solutions

Are your cleaning problems stuck on repeat, like it's Groundhog's Day? Have you ever come into the office and found the alarm not set? Maybe your chair mysteriously moved down the hall? Strange smells in the restroom?

At Business Cleaning Solutions we consult companies on how to get the cleanest possible office environment.  We take away the headaches caused by inattentive and poorly managed cleaning services.   Having a consistently fresh workplace doesn't have to be a painful experience when you've got the experts at BCS on your side.

Business professional smiles while on the phone with his cleaning company

At your service. And that's a promise.


1. We operate with integrity:

Our commitment to excellence beings with honesty and professionalism — two essential elements of integrity.  We support our cleaning staff by providing them with the best cleaning tools and products in the industry.  Our ongoing  training also puts an emphasis on the importance of communication.   After all, we're working with people, and good communication is vital.


2. We ensure 100% client satisfaction:

Our customers are very important to us.  If you aren’t happy, then neither are we. We understand that as a business owner or office manager your time is limited. This is why our management team is proactive by checking in to make sure our cleaning services is of the highest quality and consistency.


3. We keep our clients’ spaces clean and green:

We consider the environment in all of our business cleaning practices.  By using environmentally safe chemicals and techniques, Business Cleaning Solutions is committed to ensuring we are providing the most environmentally friendly service for our clients and their communities.

Our Customer Testimonials

"The BCS Crews that have been coming to our offices for years do an amazing job.  We never have to worry about anything.  It is so much better than it used to be, and even more affordable.  Thanks Eric and Chad!"

Chris, Ops Manager - San Diego Insurance Agency

"BCS is great to work with.  We have been extremely pleased with the way our building looks since they have taken over.  They have done a great job at keeping our shop facilities clean, which is no easy task when the crew with with metals  and oils all day long."

Penny, Manager - Boise

"Thank you BCS for doing such a great job cleaning our learning center.  Out neat and clean center is what our families always comment on when they are deciding to use our service.  Thank you for delivering high quality work each and every time."

Mike, Meridian

"Business Cleaning Solutions has been great for our dental office!  They are prompt and accommodating. Thank you guys!"

Kristal, clinic manager Boise

"Thank you Eric!  Your office has never looked better and your team consistently exceeds our expectations."

Renee, operations manager

How to get Superior Commercial Cleaning

When you have a well-managed cleaning service looking after your business's physical image, everything from the curb to the restrooms will be clean and inviting. Our team has the solutions to get you the best quality service at a great rate.  Give us a call today to setup a free consultation.