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4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

Sure, clean windows are great for curb appeal, but did you know that regular window cleaning has additional perks for your business? 

Cleaning the Glass is Maintaining the Glass.

Fun fact: glass has a porous surface.  As such, it can absorb various elements from the environment.  Outside windows get hit with everything from dust and dirt, oxidization, and hard water minerals.  If left to build up, these things can permanently impact visibility.  By cleaning the glass you can reduce or eliminate these threats, keeping the window clearer and lasting longer.

Ever notice ground floor windows that are whitened, or dotted with water spots?  This could be calcium and magnesium deposits left over from hard water.  Often the culprit is landscaping sprinklers that have overshot the mark. Or they’ve been running at the wrong (hottest) times of day.  Water quickly evaporates against hot window panes and the remaining minerals are baked onto the glass.  Not good.

Another threat to the transparency of the glass includes sea salt in the air.  For coastal areas, atmospheric sea salt can build up on the glass.  If neglected, a murky and milky residue will buildup.  Under these circumstances the best offense is a good defense….routine cleaning.

Keeping mineral buildup at bay is one of the many benefits of commercial window cleaning.  Heavy mineral buildup and salt deposits are very difficult to remove. It’s more of a restoration service performed by specialists. It gets expensive.  

Brightly lit commercial office space with clean windows.
Let there be light!

Clean Interior Glass for Better Collab

Many modern offices are designed to be open, collaborative spaces.  The old walled-in office mazes typical of the 90s are thankfully on their way out.  For a better layout and improved ambience conference rooms are going glass.  Floor to ceiling interior windows are replacing walls, but they also need to be cleaned.

 Also referred to as relights, these interior panes allow sunlight to better illuminate an office space.  Oily fingerprint smudges will pop up and should be spot-cleaned on a regular basis. But you may have noticed that these windows can also get a hazy film over time.  Condensation and dust can blend together in a closed, warm interior to form a “cloud” that eventually coats the windows. The hotter the weather, the quicker this film builds up. Another culprit can be natural or propane gas heaters that leave a white film on glass from the burned fuels. 

Often times you can see ‘swipe’ marks in the haze higher up on the glass. This is where the cleaners have been running their cleaning rags. You can easily guess the janitor’s height this way. This problem is best remedied with periodic squeegee cleaning.

Clean interior commercial relight windows.

Cleaner Commercial Windows for a Better Looking Office 

Clean and clear glass allows the full spectrum of UV sunlight to pass through.  Whereas dirty glass can have the opposite effect. Keeping your windows clean will allow the maximum amount of light to filter in and illuminate your interior spaces.

Sunlight allows true colors to be seen.   When bathed in either direct or indirect sunlight, your interior design and office décor will look its best.  Wall art, designer area rugs, and beautifully upholstered furniture will all pop under sunlight. 

Clean Glass + More Sunlight, = A Productivity Boost

Well-lit interiors are more inviting.  Meanwhile, dark and dreary basement offices with no windows are a bummer.  We all know this. But why?  Collectively, exposure to natural elements such as sunlight can have a positive net impact on mood, which can boost productivity.  According to a recent study by Central Michigan University entitled, “Why We Need More Nature at Work”:

“Exposure to natural elements is associated with decreased levels of diastolic blood pressure, depression, and anxiety, and increased attentional capacity.  Exposure to natural elements (such as sunlight and green spaces) can reduce the impact of stress, increase psychological well-being, and support recovery from illness.”

-Central Michigan University

So there you go… clean windows can indirectly help boost morale.  All problems solved. The benefits of commercial window cleaning are therefore immeasurable, right? What more could you possibly ask for?

For more information or assistance in getting a window cleaning quote, talk with one of our service consultants today. 

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