Man practices social distancing by working from home during Covid-19

Keeping your office clean during social distancing.

Business cleaning services are essential. Here is what BCS can do to help.

The world is changing and we know this has been tough. Many of us have had to adapt in a variety of ways. Maybe you’re working from home now, juggling overly excited kids and pets. It can be hard to focus…so you’re drinking more coffee now than ever, hoping that will do the trick! Maybe like us, your business is essential; you’re still up and running per usual.  Either way, rest assured that Business Cleaning Solutions is here for you.  And, just like always, we’re making sure your business stays clean during social distancing.

Businesses such as call-centers for vital utilities or dispatch services for emergency personnel still have people showing up to the office. As such, many people are concerned about how some of these stay-at-home orders have affected office cleaning services. Others have questions about how their office is being protected against viruses. Below are a few things that we at BCS are doing to ensure the image of your business and health of your employees and customers is protected.

How we’re keeping your business clean.

Many businesses are rethinking what it means to be clean.

Our regular cleaning routine involves disinfecting what we call ‘contact points’.  Just like the name implies, these are surfaces that get touched – a lot.  Think light switches, doorknobs, handles, push plates, railings, elevator buttons, tables/countertops, desks/work areas, phones, sink fixtures and toilet/urinal flushers. We treat these areas with disinfectants and/or a germicidal cleaning solution that is effective at killing bacteria and viruses and reducing the spread of unwanted illnesses and disease.  

Removal of dust, debris, and other particles

Airborne particles eventually settle on horizontal surfaces.  As part of our regular cleaning routine, we clean open horizontal surfaces, from the tops of door frames, down to your chair legs and everything in between.  For instance, this includes desks, tops of cubicle walls, tops of file cabinets, etc.  If there is a surface where dust or other particles can settle, we will take care of it. 

We use HEPA approved vacuums to collect and extract dust and other particles that can live in your carpets and upholstered furniture.  The backpack Hepa vacuums allow us to clean many of these hard to reach areas.

In future posts, we will deep-dive into how effective office cleaning can promote a healthy working environment.   But for now, just remember that BCS is here to ensure that the image and safety of your business is preserved and protected.   We’re keeping your business clean, even during social distancing.

We hope this information can bring you a more little peace of mind.  From all of us here at BCS we hope you and your family stays healthy and safe. 

Now go…fulfill that request for more apple juice in the toddler’s sippy cup and let the barking dog outside for umpteenth time this hour!