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Invaluable Life Skills that are Unique to Cleaning Pros

Here is a behind the scenes look into the world of commercial cleaning management.  Life in the cleaning biz can bring new insight into the importance of cleanliness….wherever you go.  While out shopping, dining, or even visiting a friend’s house….cleaning pros carry around an ironclad awareness of sanitization.  This is a life skill that will accompany you, wherever you are, consciously or not.  A dirty facility will set off the cleaning pro’s dirt radar, which can be downright comical at times.  Below we’ll traverse the invaluable life skills that are unique to cleaning pros. 

First, the Blessings that come with life as a commercial cleaning pro.

Cleaning Professionals Will (usually) Have Clean homes. 

Anyone from ownership to management, down to the janitor’s themselves will have a heightened appreciation for maintaining clean environments. As a result, routine household chores take on a newfound importance. This life skill can be terrific for the homestead…and wonderfully beneficial for their spouse.  

The cleaning pro, knowing all the tricks of the trade can get it done faster and smarter.  If they’ve got stubborn teens in the house, they can get them to pitch in and get on board by training them how to clean their room with ease.  The cleaning pro can better educate them on the perils of dirty pizza boxes, petrifying laundry, curious insects and bacteria.

Tired teenage girl is exhausted from cleaning her house
‘Sometimes parents just don’t understand.’

If the kids try to take shortcuts on the cleaning, the cleaning pro will know.  Because white gloves on a dusty bookshelf never lie. It’s not about being OCD, it’s about attention to detail!

The Cleaning Pro Always Washes their Hands 

Most Moms teach their kids to wash their hands after using the restroom.  We agree, solid advice.  But unfortunately this wisdom is all-too-often neglected.  The cleaning pro knows all about germs, bacteria, fecal matter and other unseen boogie-things.  They know that their health and safety is on the line so they won’t neglect hygiene.  More life lessons to pass along to their ‘eager to learn’ teens.

Man washes his hands for health and safety.

The Cleaning Pro will Develop all Kinds of Healthy Habits

Clean home, good hygiene….what else?  Regular cardio activity!  Staying active leads to improved cardiovascular health which is great for the brain too. A janitor can put in up to 15,000 steps or more on a full shift.  This is great for the heart.  There’s no need to visit the gym after work.  This frees up more time for other important things, such as family. 

The Curses of Life as a Cleaning Pro

Dining Out can Make the Cleaning Pro a Different kind of Food Critic

Nitpicking the cleaning can be a tough habit to break.  This makes eating out tough.  For instance, dining out in restaurants can either be an enjoyable or harrowing experience.  First, consider a dirty restroom.  A neglected bathroom with fecal matter splashes on stall walls, rings in the toilet bowl, and sticky floors…..yuck! Sometimes this ‘seasons’ the food in the mind of the cleaning professional.

The cleaning pro might think to themselves, This bathroom a complete disaster…. I wonder how the back of the house must look?  Check please!  The urge to pull up Yelp and drop a negative review is compelling, but unnecessary.  The cleaning pro will not be returning. 

The Cleaning Pro Will Analyze the Housekeeping Skills of Others.

Maybe the In-Laws are throwing a pool party…they’re elderly and don’t get around like they used to.  Their poor housekeeping skills tell the cleaning pro as much.  So he/she tries his/her hardest not to comment.  They refrain from sarcastically pointing out the buildup of grime around the kitchen faucet to their spouse. The wall paper is yellow-ochre with nicotine stains from years of indoor smoking.  The china-cabinets are dust-covered. Nobody else seems to notice, or care for that matter.

Having brunch over at the the in-laws.
Smile, brunch with the in-laws!

Then Uncle Larry politely asks for help with microwaving the green beans.  The cleaning pro obliges and pops open the door…instantly wishing they hadn’t.  There’s an unidentifiable smell wafting out.  Inside there’s starburst patterns on the walls from the popping of overheated bowls of chili.

Unless the cleaning pro enjoys sleeping on the sofa when they return home, it might be best to keep these keen observations to themselves. 

So there you are, some of the unique life skills that one can hone being a cleaning pro.  The cleaning pro is handier around the house, slightly.  When the 3-year-old overturns her cranberry juice cup onto the living room carpet.  Easy-peezy, you got this.  And a refined dirt radar will help you avoid insufferable dining experiences.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about the in-laws, so deal with it.

If you’re interested in become a commercial cleaning professional, talk with one of our service consultants today for opportunities and more information.

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