Improve access to your workspace by reducing clutter

Improve Workplace Accessibility For Better Cleaning During Covid-19

Everybody has been affected by the current pandemic in some way, so let’s work together to stay as clean and safe as possible.  There are numerous ways in which you can assist your business cleaning company in ensuring a clean and safe workplace now and in the future.  This article will focus on one specific area that can have the greatest impact:  workspace accessibility.  Let’s begin by taking a look at your desk area (relax, we won’t judge!)

Better Desk Cleaning = Cleaner and Safer.

We get it, there’s a method to your madness and you had that report laid out exactly how you wanted before leaving the office.  Or maybe you’re the ‘creative eccentric’ whose private office resembles a teenager’s bedroom.  You’ve been thinking about a reorg of your desk but have been putting if off.  New urgent deadlines! 

We understand, just be aware that with commercial cleaning, the industry standard is that we cannot ‘tidy up’ paperwork or rearrange your things.  In fact, when servicing desk areas, we only clean and sanitize open, accessible surfaces.  There’s a number of reasons for this, the primary one being that we don’t want to disturb your workplace by misplacing things (we don’t know where things go.)

It can be difficult to make judgement calls on what is/isn’t trash and we certainly don’t want to disrupt your workflow.  Here is where you come in on better workspace accessibility: at the end of the day, make sure there is as much exposed desk area as possible by spending a couple minutes putting paper and other items away.  This way, we can access more areas and can be more thorough when sanitizing your desk.  

If daily clearing of desks isn’t practical, that’s okay.  Another idea is to choose a day of the week or month and designate it a “clean-up your space day”.  Now, this might not be the easiest thing to do so requesting feedback from employees can be very important.  Once a consensus has been reached, a reminder e-mail either the day before or week before, by management, can allow employees to plan ahead.  This can be a great way of coordinating efforts and can ensure desk areas stay clean and safe.

A minimal, sparse desk makes the workspace easy to access and clean.
Okay, so maybe you don’t have to go this far, but you know what we mean.

Workspace Accessibility & Electronic Equipment

Electronics! In commercial cleaning, most cleaning companies are limited in what they can do when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing electronic equipment.  Due to the highly sensitive nature of electronic devices, extreme care must be taken for liability reasons.  However, an experienced and knowledgeable business cleaning company should be able to consult with you on this and provide you solutions including wiping down monitor screens, keyboards, printers, copiers, etc.  Check your scope of work to see if this is included or if it will be an additional cost.  During this time, we urge you to reach out to your cleaning company and address any concerns you have in these areas.  Sanitizing machines that get touched by multiple people each day is a great first step.

Electronic cables, wires and extensions chords under desks can also present a challenge.  When vacuuming underneath desks, our goal is to reach as much of the floor as we can, without unplugging or moving any chords/cables.  The most effective thing you can do to help is to keep these areas clear and organized as well.  We’ve all eaten a quick lunch at our desks…it’s okay to leave us a few breadcrumbs, don’t worry we’ll vacuum them up.   Just don’t make us have to unplug your laptop to do it (because we won’t!)

An active, clean and safe workspace during Covid-19
Clean and Safe Workspace during Covid-19

We hope this information can help bring some clarity to how we handle the cleaning of your workspace, specifically near desk areas.  More tips are on the way!  

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We, here at Business Cleaning Solutions, thank you for reading our post and hope you and your family continues to stay healthy and safe during this time.  

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