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How to Stay Clean While Staying Open.

Your newest challenge: How to keep the workplace clean during working hours.

Many businesses are in the midst of game-planning how to responsibly reopen amidst the continued pandemic. One of the most important questions that businesses must confront is how to stay clean while staying open. Across the country various States and Counties are lifting stay-at-home orders. Rejoice! Many folks are excited about the prospect of returning to work because it may mean less dishwashing and nagging from unruly children.  But what will this mean for maintaining cleanliness during the business day?  In previous posts we noted that customers will place a newfound focus on cleanliness.  Therefore, a clean and safe physical image will become paramount.

As safety measures, many companies are limiting foot traffic, placing lane-line tape on the floor, or putting up acrylic shields in front of cashiers/tellers. These precautions are great for limiting the spread of disease but they don’t address cleanliness specifically. For many businesses the deep cleaning and sanitizing is performed off-hours in the evening. Keeping your business clean while welcoming customers can seem like a daunting challenge. But fret not, we’re here to help! The cleaning accommodations you make during the day can amplify those tasks performed at night. They can compliment each other, keeping your business safer for everyone.

Important steps on the path to clean:

Hand sanitizer: always a good call.

AIR QUALITY: Ensure your HVAC system is properly serviced and that the filters are being changed in a routine manner. Consider writing the date on each new filter as you change them out. This way you can reference how long they’ve been in service. Where possible, open windows to increase air circulation.

RESTROOM CLEANING DURING THE DAY: most people understand and respect the need to keep restrooms in good working order. While tending to restrooms, post signage at the door stating ‘Closed for Cleaning.’ With the use of plastic signs, dry erase markers can be used to post the closure times. Your cleaning company can be a great resource and a good place to start in obtaining safety signs. Being proactive by posting signage is great customer service and another way to communicate your commitment to cleanliness.

HAND WASHING REMINDERS: Encourage employees to wash their hands after using the restroom by posting signage reminding them as such.  Seems obvious, right?  Most states explicitly require hand-washing notices to be posted at food establishments.  By posting signs you are letting it be known to everyone that you’re commited to clean.  In the age of Covid-19 this is not an offensive ask. This is for peace of mind for customers and employees alike.

PROVIDE HAND SANITIZER PRODUCT: Place hand sanitizer dispensers in high traffic areas such as your lobby or outside the restrooms.  Make sure the sanitizer product contains a minimum 60% alcohol. Battery operated, hands-free dispensers are ideal. Your cleaning company should be checking and filling these dispensers each service at no extra charge. 

DISINFECT HIGH TOUCH EQUIPMENT: Disinfect shared touch-screen monitors, debit card readers, and keyboards between shift changes.  This can be done with sanitizing wipes, or you can use disinfectant and a soft cloth such as a clean microfiber rag.  With electronics, err on the side of caution using minimal cleaning product and a soft cloth.

IN MEMORIAM: SNACK DISHES. No more snack bowls. Unfortunately they’re gone….for now.

DISINFECT HIGH TOUCH SURFACES: When are where possible, disinfect and wipe down countertops, door handles, fixtures, light switches or other high-touch surfaces.

At the end of the day going the extra mile to properly clean and disinfect your business can bring peace of mind to your employees and customers.  Together, we can help slow the spread of disease.  

We strongly recommend adhering to both your state and federal guidelines when combating the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes social distancing measures, and other accommodations. To stay informed on the latest recommendations regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) you can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). 

If you are planning to reopen soon and would like more information on how to keep the physical image of your business clean, call or email one of our consultants. We’re happy to help.

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