Happy woman considers how to prepare for meeting with a cleaning company.

How to Prepare for Meeting with a Cleaning Company.

Your business is growing and you’re tired of pushing a broom after hours. So you declare with a self-assured fist-pump that it’s time- to hire a cleaning service! How Exciting! Now what?  When outsourcing the cleaning of your business for the first time, a flurry of questions may come to mind.  But the process of meeting with a new cleaning vendor doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing if you come prepared.  Here is how to prepare for meeting with a cleaning company.

Service Days

A properly managed cleaning company will ask some qualifying questions to ensure they’ll be a proper fit.  In most cases they’ll inquire about the logistics of potentially cleaning your business.  One important place to start: how many cleaning services per week? Month? This can be a surprisingly difficult question to answer.  There are many options, and the cleaning needs of each business can vary.  How much cleaning is appropriate? 

This is where a professionally managed cleaning service can really shine.  An experienced service person will consult with you, or guide you through the process in order to find the best solution.  They’ll ask qualifying questions to get a better idea of your operation.  Sure, daily cleaning would be nice, but there are budgetary factors to consider (sigh).  They may ask how many people are in the facility?  Are your doors open to the general public? What types of activities occur on site? The cleaning needs are different for general office space versus manufacturing, medical or educational facilities.    

Times of Day

Operationally, this is where you should consider your hours of operation. Do you have regular hours? Are you 24-7? Or are you a deadline-based company that has staff working odd hours and weekends?  Consider any days/times that would be off-limits to vendors.  

Cleaning service prices can vary for night cleaning services versus day cleaning, or day porter services. Again-options! But narrowing them down makes this process a lot easier. 

 Janitorial Closets or Service Sinks

A location to safely store cleaning tools, cleaning products, and paper supplies is an important consideration.  A responsible cleaning service will look to follow OSHA guidelines when storing and labeling tools and products.  Having access to water and a drain is crucial.  Service sinks are ideal, but some facilities are limited to restrooms only. 

If there is no storage closet or storage sink available, don’t sweat it!  Commercial cleaning is still possible.  In cases like these, special accommodations are made.  The cleaners would bring their cleaning tools with them each service.  

Other Logistics

Parking: always an important consideration.  Is there designated parking? Is the parking on site, or is it off-street? Is parking free, or at a cost?  

Security procedures: you may want to think about vendor access ahead of time.  Some of it won’t come into play until after you’ve chosen a vendor and have decided to move forward with their services.  Things such as key cards, alarm info, or hard key access.  It’s good to keep things like this in mind, especially if you’re bringing in a commercial cleaning service for the first time.  

Determine areas that are off-limits to the cleaning staff: ahead of meeting with a cleaning company let them know which parts of the facility are off-limits, and/or don’t need cleaning services. Examples can include server rooms, safe/vault rooms, HR offices, etc.

Okay – are you ready for a pop-quiz on how to prepare for meeting with a cleaning company? No?(!) We don’t blame you.  Although some of this material is common sense, it can be beneficial to see things from a vendor’s perspective.  A good cleaning company may ask numerous questions.  If they’re reputable and customer service oriented they should learn these essential things in order to get you the best possible service.  If you have questions, our staff is always available to chat.  


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