Well maintained vinyl flooring in a commercial hallway.

How to Maintain Vinyl Flooring

Floors have considerable influence over how clean a room looks and feels.  They can also be your business’s first impression to the world. So why not put your best foot forward and make sure that the impression you’re giving off is a good one? In this post, we’ll explore the reasons why properly maintaining vinyl flooring is vital.  Vinyl floors have proven to be a popular choice of floor covering in commercial settings thanks to its durability and versatility. Side note: for some of us here at BCS, the sight of a super glossy, vinyl floor can inspire the urge to dance!

Why vinyl flooring?

Also known as resilient flooring, vinyl flooring comes in sheets, tiles, and planks. VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors are extremely durable and are a low-cost option. An added benefit is its long lifespan. VCT is tough. It can take hits like a running back and, if properly maintained, will outlive most other floor covering options. This is why it’s a popular choice in high traffic facilities such as hospitals and retail showrooms. The combination of low purchase price and a long lifespan can be enticing….however, be aware that these floors also need regular maintenance in order to preserve that famous shimmer and shine. 

Why maintain your vinyl flooring?

It’s all about the wax! Maintenance begins with protecting the floor using an acrylic, water-based floor wax. While VCT tile is a water resistant product, it still needs to be waterproofed at the seams. Any gaps from installation or cracks in older VCT need to be sealed to prevent moisture from getting in between or underneath the tiles. When exposed to moisture over a prolonged period of time, the glue underneath your sheet vinyl or VCT tile can lose its adhesive properties. Tiles that are warped and popping up is never a good look. 

When was the last time your floors were professionally maintained? (If you can’t remember, that’s okay…rhetorical question!) Keep in mind that a wax coating is a protective measure. It acts like a shield, taking the brunt of the scratches and scuffs that comes with regular foot traffic, sparing the tiles. Gradually, the wax wears down overtime. Thinning wax is slowly chipped away as part of normal wear and tear. Neglected vinyl floors with little to no wax can have dull, bald patches.  These areas act like a magnet, attracting dirt and grime. As such, they can lose their shine, develop grease and grime buildup, and even discolor. This is why maintenance is crucial. Stripping, sealing and waxing restores the look of the floor, protects it, and prolongs its life. Remember that maintaining is generally cheaper than replacing.

A VCT tile flooring in a service garage.
VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors are very durable.

Properly waxed vinyl is easier to keep clean.

A vinyl floor with fresh wax is quicker and easier to wet mop on a regular basis. That microfiber loop or microfiber flat mop will glide along that smooth, shiny surface with ease. How nice! We recommend that mopping be done with cold water and a PH neutral cleaner. 

Lastly, if you have heavy furniture, we recommend the use of floor protectors where possible. Place felt covers underneath heavy chair legs, sofa legs, tables and other easily moveable furniture so that you don’t scratch the floors. Finally, lift, don’t slide that baby grand piano across your floor. Drag marks can be a real…..well, drag.

Is your existing floor salvageable?

Are you questioning whether or not that floor is too old for a fresh start? Oftentimes, we’re able to breathe new life into tired, old VCT and sheet vinyl flooring by stripping it down. Our floor technicians can chemically dissolve dirt, grime, grease and old wax. You’d be surprised at the results. Take a closer look at your floor. Do you see hairs and small bits of debris stuck underneath the wax? That’s a telltale sign that it was not professionally maintained.

To keep your floors looking mirror bright, we can maintain vinyl flooring with things like stripping, high speed buffing, and periodic scrubbing and re-coating. At Business Cleaning Solutions our floor maintenance programs can be tailored to meet your budget. Our consultants are happy to provide estimates at no charge. A site visit is recommended so that we can assess the current condition of your floors. Call or email one of our consultants today for more information.

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