Physical Image of Your Business

How Seriously Do You Take the Physical Image of Your Business?

Physical Image of Your Business

Does the physical appearance of your workplace project the image that you want? Does that image create a sense of pride and accountability? Does it meet the expectations of your customers, clients and employees? These are questions that each business should consider and take seriously when evaluating the physical image of their business.

An article published in 2011 claims that 80% of consumers admit they will never return to a business because that business failed to deliver on what they expected. A third of those claimed they wouldn’t return to a business because they perceived it as unsanitary. Both results are shocking so what can businesses do to ensure customers return? When it comes to the physical image of a business, we call it the I-P-R-S system. Image determines Perception. Perception determines Reality. Reality determines Success.

Image Determines Perception

When any business creates a brand, that brand is designed with one idea in mind: to create an image focused on a desired perception. From the types of colors, logos, slogans and messages that are created, most companies understand how important the perception of their brand image is and will go to great lengths to preserve and protect it. But how far will they go to preserve and protect the physical image of their business? Most understand the investment involved but for those that don’t, it should be strongly considered. The reason a third of customers don’t return is no due to a bad product or poor service. The reason is the physical image has created a negative perception in their mind and that’s what really causes them to not return.

Perception Determines Reality

As a customer, client or employee moves throughout a workplace, their perceptions create impressions that become their reality. A business that showcases clean windows, shiny floors and a pleasant aroma will create an entirely different perception than a business with dirty windows, smelly restrooms and unsightly carpets. None of these conditions will necessarily determine the quality of a product or service, but what people perceive creates the reality they experience. A customer, client or employee may feel that an environment that has been neglected indicates a reality that the organization lacks attention to detail. Whether the organization truthfully lacks attention to detail is irrelevant because the perception that was already created will establish that’s persons future reality of the organization.

Reality Determines Success

In today’s world of marketing, it seems businesses spend a great amount of time creating brands and brand perceptions. From exciting adventures or conferences, to office activities and celebrations, businesses take great care in creating perceptions that will form a positive “brand reality”. A brand reality is what customers perceive of a brand through experience and most businesses know, the more positive the brand reality, the greater success.

But brand realities don’t just apply to customers, they also apply to employees. In many companies today, brand realities are created just as much from employees as customers. An untidy and disorganized workplace will create the same brand reality in an employee, if not worse, than a customer. The average employee misses nine days of work each year due to illness, which may be attributed to a workplace that is not properly cleaned and sanitized. Overall employee morale has shown to decline when working in spaces that are not regularly cleaned and maintained. Lastly, a Harvard University report concluded that a cluttered workspace hinders “persistence in completing tasks.” Imagine the negative brand image created from employees experiencing these conditions. When thinking of a brand reality, a clean and organized workplace is one of the easiest ways to create a positive brand reality with both employees and customers.

A truly professional business cleaning company will help to create and maintain an environment that you can be proud of. They will ensure that your workplace is cleaned thoroughly and consistently. They will have a service expert who will closely assess your location and establish a comprehensive program that will ensure the physical image your customers, clients and employees expect, will be what they experience. If this is not the experience they are having, it might be time to make a change.

At Business Cleaning Solutions, our focus is on ensuring the physical image of our clients reflects a brand reality that is as positive as possible. Contact us today to setup a free on-site consultation with one of our Service Consultants to see what Business Cleaning Solutions can to do to help preserve and protect the physical image of your business.

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