Clean storefront for better marketing and brand image.

The Untapped Marketing Potential: How Keeping Your Business Clean Boosts Your Brand Image.

When you think about marketing strategies, elements such as social media campaigns, SEO, or email campaigns will likely come to mind.  However, one aspect that is often overlooked but holds substantial marketing potential is the cleanliness of your business.  Yes….the cleaning.  Maintaining a clean and tidy environment can positively impact your brand image and contribute to your overall marketing success.   In this post we’ll explore how keeping your business clean is an integral part of your marketing efforts and how it can help you attract and retain customers.  

First things first: First Impressions Matter

For you early skeptics, think about the following: If you ran a restaurant, spa, or health clinic consider how much cleanliness impacts the client experience.  If your business is filthy not only might customers never return, but they may spread negative word-of-mouth.  If they’re vindictive, they might pull out their phone and thumb out bad reviews or post other content ripping your business online.  How badly could that affect your brand?   (cross your fingers that they’re not an influencer and that it doesn’t become a viral meme!)

How Keeping Your Business Clean Boosts Your Brand Image

When customers walk into your establishment they’re immediately making snap judgements.  Turns out, we’re all doing this, as part of our adaptive unconscious, or a set of mental processes that influences judgement and decision making.  This type of thinking is done in a way that is inaccessible to introspective awareness.   Or in other words, you don’t even realize you’re doing it.  #snapjudgements

According to Psychology Today and William Berry, of Florida International, “adaptive unconscious is in control of up to 95% of our waking hours.”  So, back to first impressions for your brick and mortar on Main street.  A clean environment creates a positive first impression of professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to quality.  On the other hand, a dirty or cluttered space says disfunction, negligence, or a lack of care.  Cleanliness levels could affect whether or not a customer sticks around to explore your offerings, or spins on their heels and marches back out.   

“Adaptive unconscious is in control of up to 95% of our waking hours”

William Berry, LMHC., CAP.
The Second Noble Truth

A high bar of cleanliness will enhance your reputation

A clean business environment reflects a company’s commitment to excellence.  It sets a high standard for quality in all aspects if its operation.  As such, the focus on cleanliness can help set you apart from your competitors by setting you up as a more trustworthy option.  By investing in cleanliness, you are effectively investing in your brand reputation.  This can lead to increased customer loyalty, positive(!) reviews, and growing word-of-mouth.  Now you see where we’re going with this?  Slow nod of the head and sip of coffee…

Your careful consideration for health and safety will shine through 

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, health and safety have become one of the top priorities for the public at large.  For business and their communities alike, maintaining a clean environment is an essential part for ensuring the well-being of your customers and employees.  By visibly showing your commitment to cleanliness, you instill confidence in the safety and security of your facility.  Back to adaptive unconscious: people will feel more at ease and relaxed when visiting your clean business.  All wins.  As a result, they’ll be more apt to sign that contract, or impulse purchase that honey-almond-body scrub!


In today’s hustle-bustle business landscape, every interaction counts.  Every touch-point with every customer should be considered.  From the curb to the restrooms, cleanliness has a profound effect on your business and its image.  Cleanliness is not just about aesthetics.  It is a powerful marketing tool that can attract and retain customers.  It indirectly helps build brand loyalty and drive business success.  By investing in clean, you are adding to your overall marketing strategy, ensuring that your business is perceived as a trusted, professional and customer-centric brand.  So there you go, yet another reason to justify the expense of keeping your business clean!  

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