Floor Maintenance: Why You Should Bother

The floor of your business may be rarely thought about but that doesn’t diminish its importance. People, pets, and machinery are all things that may cross the threshold of your business and dirty your floors on a regular basis. Flooring needs more attention than just the occasional vacuuming. Here are four reasons why you need to maintain your flooring.

First Impressions Count

When a prospective client walks into your business, he or she can be struck by its appearance. If you have threadbare carpets or stained grout, it can give a subtle impression that you don’t care or are not detailed enough to invest in the little things. A positive first impression can be the foundation for a long lasting business relationship. Maintaining your businesses appearance is an important part of making the best first impression possible.

Safety and Health

Floor surfaces are an oft forgotten hot bed of dirt, grime and germs. If this type of grime is given the opportunity to build up it can cause your flooring to become slick or sticky, which can lead to accidents. If a customer or employee were to fall and become injured, it can be costly and damaging to your business.

Clean floors are not only less dangerous, they are also more sanitary. By ridding your business of germs, you help keep everyone healthier. When employees get sick and miss work, it costs your business time and money. The bottom line is that keeping your floors clean is safest for everyone.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

Your floors will not only be safer but last longer with a regular maintenance schedule. Preventative maintenance such a cleaning your tile flooring or ceramic tile will help prevent major, expensive issues down the road. This type of cleaning may include regular deep cleanings, buffing, resealing, and grout replacement. Keep in mind that specific flooring will have specific needs including tools and cleaners to use or avoid.

Know Your Flooring

Maintenance for your business will depend on the types of flooring and the levels of foot traffic and other wear and tear it experiences. For instance, if you have linoleum flooring in a high traffic area, you have the benefit of its durability. However, linoleum is susceptible to moisture so it should be cared for accordingly. This means you need to avoid exposing your linoleum to moisture immediately after installation. Regular cleaning should include vacuuming or dust mopping. You will also want to mop this type of flooring but with a damp mop, to avoid flooding the floor.

Wood laminate flooring is a popular choice for businesses because it is naturally durable. However, similar to its linoleum counterpart, water can be very damaging. This means you should avoid steam cleaners and stick with a damp cloth or mop. Wood laminate can also be scratched so steer clear of steel wool or other abrasive cleaning products.

Know the Products

Utilizing the right products for the right flooring can save time and money. For instance, an auto-scrubber can be a more effective way to clean a floor. It has more aggressive agitation and is able to clean and pick up dirt and debris at the same time. This allows the cleaner to get a more thorough cleaning done in half the time.

Low speed buffing is another helpful tool. It is usually used to get rid of surface scratches. Buffing can help smooth out any scratches but needs to be used carefully. Choosing the correct pad and speed will help prevent damage to your flooring.

There is a cleaning solution for every type of floor. If floor care is not your forte, contact our office and reap the benefits of our expertise. We have a wide array of products and tools that we can tailor to the needs of your flooring. We will work with you to review your needs so that your business has safe, sanitary and sparkling flooring at all times.

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