A business professional cleans and disinfects her keyboard.

Easy Ways to Clean and Disinfect Office Electronics

Your phones, computers, and copy machines are a hotbed for germs. If you can’t recall the last time they were cleaned, here are some helpful tips to clean them painlessly and effectively.

Cleaning electronic devices can understandably be a little intimidating.  After all, they’re expensive investments.  The last thing you want to do is damage them in the process. (Hint: it’s never a good idea to dip your Iphone into a bath of bleach.)  But the effort is worthwhile; by properly keeping devices clean they’ll last longer and ultimately your workplace will be safer as a result. Commercial janitorial services don’t normally include the cleaning of electronics.  So in most cases it’s on you to clean those dirty, grimy cellphones, touch-screens and keyboards.  Make the most of your time with these worry-free, easy ways to clean and disinfect office electronics.

The Tools to Do the Job Right

Cleaning a tablet with a clean microfiber cloth

Easy Way to Clean your Phone

Preparatory note: it’s always a good idea to clean and sanitize your office surfaces such as desks and counter tops before cleaning the office devices. Consider using a PH neutral disinfecting cleaner, microfiber cloths and a HEPA Vacuum to remove dust and debris.

First steps: always turn off and/or unplug any device prior to cleaning.  Remove the phone’s case. Use a disinfectant wipe, or gently spritz a small amount of distilled water onto a microfiber cloth.  Thoroughly wipe down the phone. Remember not to spray directly onto the device. Distilled water and a microfiber cloth is the simplest approach.  Phones and tablets have an oleophobic (fingerprint-resistant) coating that could come off, so manufacturers generally recommend wiping them down with distilled water and microfiber cloth.  You can then use cotton swabs to clean around crevices, like the edges of the screen and buttons.  

If you want to disinfect thoroughly without the use of wipes, mix isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a clean spray bottle. Mix a solution that is 70% alcohol and 30% water.   

Clean and sanitized headphones and cell phone

Easy Laptop Cleaning

Laptops can be downright filthy.  In fact, they’re no better than phones or toilet seats! They travel…coffee shops, offices, or those poolside chaise lounges in Las Vegas. As a result, they pick up dirt and germs along the way.  This is where compressed air becomes invaluable.  Grab a can of compressed air and hit all crevices and between the keys to dislodge crumbs, dirt, hairs, and dust particles. Be aware that you’ll be making these contaminants airborne. They’ll eventually resettle someplace. Be sure to wipe down the surrounding table areas after you’re done.

Next, with a dampened microfiber cloth you can wipe down the various surfaces.  But no glass cleaner. Your computer monitor might display Windows, but it’s not an actual window!   Instead, use a microfiber cloth dampened with distilled water or screen cleaner.  If you have a touch screen, dry clean it with a microfiber cloth.  For smudges on a touch screen use only water or eyeglass cleaner applied to the cloth first, then gently wipe the device. 

Clean and sanitized office laptop computer.

How to Clean those LCD and LED TVs and Monitors

You might be noticing a pattern here…soft cloth, minimal chemicals, no glass cleaner.  Yes, back in the 80’s Mom might have used glass cleaner on that monstrous 200 pound Tube TV… because the screen was literally made of glass.  However, glass cleaner is a no-go on modern electronics because it can be corrosive.  Modern television screens have anti-reflective coatings that are very sensitive to various chemicals.  Once again, deploy the microfiber cloth and distilled water tactic.  (Tip: avoid ‘elbow grease’.  Be gentle.)

Don’t forget to clean that remote control in the same fashion: compressed air to get those deep-seated crumbs and dust.  Use a cottonswab paired with isopropyl alcohol to get those remaining crevices and the buttons cleaned.

This same process can be used to clean the buttons on your copy machine, vending machine, etc.   

Woman cleans the buttons on a copy machine.

How to Clean Earbuds and Headphones

Call centers and creative professionals often rock headphones on the daily. What they may not realize is that those headsets will often have trace amounts of hair, skin flakes, sweat, skin oils, and even ear wax on them. Therefore, we recommend cleaning them on a regular basis. It’s important not to get water into these delicate devices. Be sure to use a soft, dry, microfiber cloth to wipe them down.

Regular cleaning of electronic devices is always a good call.  It’s the unseen threats….those germs, viruses and other contaminants that can be the most problematic.  Especially with devices that are utilized time and time again by numerous people. The crew at BCS is available and happy to help should you have questions on cleaning electronic devices.

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