The BCS Blog: Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

We provide cleaning industry insight for those who run or manage commercial facilities. Find cleaning tips and tricks to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on more important things-like your business!

The BCS Blog: Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

We provide cleaning industry insight for those who run or manage commercial facilities. Find cleaning tips and tricks to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on more important things-like your business!


The BCS Blog: Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

We provide cleaning industry insight for those who run or manage commercial facilities. Find cleaning tips and tricks to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on more important things-like your business!

a woman works in a clean office looking up commercial cleaning information.
Man with cell phone working from home calls BCS for a free consultation because clean equals safe

Clean Equals Safe

A clean environment is a safe environment. The continued Covid-19 pandemic has caused many companies to put a renewed focus on cleaning measures.  Your customers and your employees know that clean equals safe, so if quality cleaning has suddenly come to the forefront of your operations and you aren’t sure what steps to take next, this […]

Improve access to your workspace by reducing clutter

Improve Workplace Accessibility For Better Cleaning During Covid-19

Everybody has been affected by the current pandemic in some way, so let’s work together to stay as clean and safe as possible.  There are numerous ways in which you can assist your business cleaning company in ensuring a clean and safe workplace now and in the future.  This article will focus on one specific […]

Man practices social distancing by working from home during Covid-19

Keeping your office clean during social distancing.

Business cleaning services are essential. Here is what BCS can do to help. The world is changing and we know this has been tough. Many of us have had to adapt in a variety of ways. Maybe you’re working from home now, juggling overly excited kids and pets. It can be hard to focus…so you’re drinking […]

Responsible for Physical Image of Your Business

Who Should Be Responsible for the Physical Image of Your Business?

In many organizations, someone, typically in management, is given the task of ensuring the physical image of the organization is properly maintained for customers, clients and employees. In large organizations, there are entire departments dedicated to the task. In small to medium sized organizations, this can be anyone from a business owner, to someone in […]

Physical Image of Your Business

How Seriously Do You Take the Physical Image of Your Business?

Does the physical appearance of your workplace project the image that you want? Does that image create a sense of pride and accountability? Does it meet the expectations of your customers, clients and employees? These are questions that each business should consider and take seriously when evaluating the physical image of their business. An article […]

Too Much Chemical Product

Are You Using Too Much Chemical Product when Cleaning?

Most business owners know that appearances and first impressions can mean everything to prospective customers. Sometimes, they tend to overdo things when it comes to the chemicals and amounts of product they are using. The business owners and cleaning companies that spray now and ask questions later may be doing more harm than good. While […]

Tips For Easy, Spotless Window Cleaning

Tips For Easy, Spotless Window Cleaning

When you think of large office buildings, car dealerships or a plethora of other businesses, the first thing you might visualize are the windows of the building. Windows can make a dramatic visual impact as well as let sunlight in and help a space feel bigger and more open. The benefits of this visual impact […]

Cleaning machine in the empty office lobby. Yellow vacuum equipment for cleaning is on the shiny marble floor. Concept of professional cleaning service.

Why Commercial Lobby Cleaning is a Must

The lobby of your business is the gateway to what you have to offer to your customers. The appearance of your business is a reflection of you and needs to have the same polish and professionalism that you do. Key Lobby Cleaning Dust It is easy to miss high shelves, ceiling fans and fixtures so […]

Floor Maintenance: Why You Should Bother

Floor Maintenance: Why You Should Bother

The floor of your business may be rarely thought about but that doesn’t diminish its importance. People, pets, and machinery are all things that may cross the threshold of your business and dirty your floors on a regular basis. Flooring needs more attention than just the occasional vacuuming. Here are four reasons why you need […]


Tips For Hiring a Cleaning Service

If you are looking for a cleaning service, you are hiring a company to make your life easier. In order for that to happen you need someone that is excellent at their job, reliable and thorough. Hiring the wrong cleaning service can cost you time and money and cause more problems than they solve. Here […]


commercial tile and grout lobby floor

Professional Grout Cleaning Versus DIY

For small businesses that perform their own janitorial, projects such as tile and grout cleaning can be a challenge.  When trying to tackle this problem, some business owners, like homeowners, may consult resources like Youtube for a quick tutorial.  While this cleaning process certainly isn’t rocket science, it can also be tedious and time-consuming work.  If the project […]

Happy customer satisfied with her janitorial company's customer service.

5 Signs Your Janitorial Company Actually Cares

Experienced business leaders have long recognized that customer satisfaction is vital for the success of a business.  Yet, within the commercial cleaning industry many companies still operate under the ‘no news is good news’ philosophy. In other words, when it comes to customer relationship management they’ll assume that if the customer quiet, then they must be satisfied with […]

A clean commercial office desk space.

6 Short Steps for Office Spring Cleaning

When it comes to deep cleaning your business, coordinating and motivating staff can be a challenge.  Some folks will enthusiastically participate, while others may shoulder shrug.  To make things easier on everybody it pays to have a plan and get organized.  Whether you have a janitorial service or do the cleaning yourself, following this gameplan with get your […]

Retail shoppers dissatisfied with cleanliness of a store.

12 Shocking Statistics on Customers and Cleanliness

It goes without saying that most business owners are concerned with the cleaning of their facility.  The question is: how much importance do customers actually place on it?  How much time and emphasis should be invested into janitorial services?   While some may assume that customers only began paying attention to cleaning after the COVID-19 pandemic, the truth is […]

Professional window cleaner squeegee cleans retail window panes.

Spring Renewal: The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning

When it comes to outward appearances, the cleanliness of your windows can greatly affect the image of your business.   Despite this, window cleaning continues to be an overlooked aspect of building maintenance.  Ahead of spring, we felt it appropriate to uncover some of the techniques behind achieving those crystal-clear results that can make your business shine.  Whether you […]

Green cleaning product and microfiber cleaning rag for eco-friendly cleaning

What is Green Cleaning and How Can it Benefit Your Business

Hello there business community.  For the green-curious, eco-enthusiast we wanted to shine a light on what green cleaning really means.   When it comes to janitorial services there are so many cleaning products, tools, and techniques that it can be difficult to discern what is or isn’t considered “green.”  Our goal is to give you an overview of green cleaning as […]

man feels ill while suffering sick building syndrome

Embrace Fresh Air: A Guide to Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

Welcome, dear readers, to a winter appropriate topic that may be affecting you more than you realize – the quality of the indoor air you’re breathing. Have you ever walked into a building and felt immediately uncomfortable or even ill?  Perhaps you experienced symptoms like headache, fatigue, or irritation? You might have been facing the notorious […]

Winter is Coming: Why You Should Maintain Hard Flooring

Winter is Coming: Why You Should Maintain Hard Flooring

Winter is coming and it’s best to be prepared.  For some, a gentle snowfall brings joy and excitement.   For others, there’s trepidation over perilous driving conditions.  Love it or hate it, cold weather can present significant challenges to your business.   But have you stopped to consider how the interior of your property might be affected?   In a previous post we […]

Fun holiday party

Host With The Most Stress? Not Anymore! Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for Your Work Holiday Party

It’s the time of year for things holly, jolly, merry and bright!   Wonderful…only you’ve been tasked with planning the company holiday party.  This is stressful enough—and then you suddenly realize that your workplace isn’t sparkling clean.  Alternatively, maybe your company recently purchased office furniture and you’re worried that good vibrations, libations and cheer might topple a drink or […]

Ice melt sprinkled on an icy sidewalk.

How Ice Melt Can Affect Your Carpet

Blustery winter weather can be exciting for numerous reasons.  For kids, it’s a fun snow day!  For their parents, maybe it’s a second cup of coffee to push through the ‘fun’.  For facility and property managers it often means extra precaution, and rising early in order to keep their commercial buildings safe.  One of the most common safety measures […]

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