The BCS Blog: Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

We provide cleaning industry insight for those who run or manage commercial facilities. Find cleaning tips and tricks to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on more important things-like your business!

The BCS Blog: Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

We provide cleaning industry insight for those who run or manage commercial facilities. Find cleaning tips and tricks to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on more important things-like your business!


The BCS Blog: Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

We provide cleaning industry insight for those who run or manage commercial facilities. Find cleaning tips and tricks to help you make informed decisions so you can focus on more important things-like your business!

a woman works in a clean office looking up commercial cleaning information.
woman volunteering at a humanitarian aid drive.

Cleaning with Community in Mind: Pass It On Pledge

Times have been tough for families in need.  As such, our team at Business Cleaning Solutions wanted to step up efforts to contribute to the common good. We’d like to introduce our Pass It On Pledge. Commercial cleaning with community in mind.  In 2023 we will be donating 1% of annual sales to non-profit causes and organizations.  The aim is […]

Frustrated business owner with a dirty commercial business.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Deep Clean.

Today we’re going to address one of the most dreaded of cleaning challenges: when a workplace becomes so consistently dirty that it’s impossible to ignore.  Maybe the tipping point came after a customer mentioned how dirty the lobby was.  What’s worse, now that you know about it you can’t unsee it.  You may even find yourself in a […]

Office professional wondering what to expect from his commercial cleaning company.

What You Should Expect From Your Cleaning Company

For growing businesses looking to hire a cleaning service for the first time, the list of questions they may have can really add up.  If you’re coming loaded and ready to play a game of 20 questions are you being picky? Difficult? No. Not at all. After all, janitorial is an ongoing service and an important […]

Female janitor mopping a commercial office floor.

5 Ways Commercial Cleaning Companies are Evolving

There’s little doubt that commercial cleaning is in demand like never before, but how is it adapting to meet consumer needs and higher expectations since the Covid-19 pandemic?  For sci-fi fans out there, worry not, as evolve can simply mean change.  Sentient robots from an episode of Black Mirror will not be wiping down your desks (anytime soon).  However, commercial cleaning […]

Female commercial janitor cleans a restroom.

Supplies that are Included with Office Cleaning Services

If you’re thinking about hiring a janitorial vendor you may wonder what supplies are included.  Until recently you might have been making time consuming trip to the store to stock up on cleaning supplies. If you hire a cleaning service, does this mean your days of grabbing a cheap hot dog and gas while at Costco […]

Clean commercial office space.

The Number One Thing Most Janitorial Companies Forget to Clean.

Ever look around your office and wonder what the janitorial service might be forgetting?  By the way, don’t feel guilty for doing this…after all, you’re the paying customer.   As you consider the importance of workplace cleanliness we wouldn’t blame you for analyzing what may have been neglected.   Since the suspense is already palpable, we’ll get right to the […]

Proud business owner stands in front of clean storefront.

The Biggest Benefits of Power Washing Your Business.

All year long your business gets pummeled by the sun’s rays, dust, dirt, mold, moss, tree debris, and a number of other threats.  (At times it can seem like a never-ending barrage).  These contaminants can lead to heavy buildup and embedded staining.  How do you prevent permanent damage to your building?  The answer: with routine cleaning. Sure, a clean exterior […]

Red wine spilling on carpet that needs to be cleaned.

How to Remove Carpet Stains

When it comes to removing stains from a carpet, taking fast action is one of the biggest keys to success.  As a general rule, it’s best to clean the carpet while the freshly spilled substance is still wet. This way it hasn’t had time to fully absorb into the fibers and carpet bed.  However, the removal process […]

Happy local business owner shaking hands with cleaning company rep.

Why Local Cleaning Companies can Better Service Small Businesses

Whether you have 8 employees or 60, finding and hiring the right cleaning company isn’t easy.   After all, it’s an investment in time and resources. For small to medium sized businesses this decision can be costly. However, there are benefits to partnering with a locally owned and operated cleaning company.  This includes superior customer service, faster response […]

small commercial office building.

Why Big Cleaning Companies are a Poor Fit to clean Small Businesses

For the small to medium sized business it can be a challenge to find reliable cleaning.   You may question if your operation is large enough to justify hiring a cleaning service.  The cleaning needs of your facility may appear to be minimal.  But how do you really know?  Making the decision to hire a commercial cleaning service becomes easier […]


A clean commercial office desk space.

6 Short Steps for Office Spring Cleaning

When it comes to deep cleaning your business, coordinating and motivating staff can be a challenge.  Some folks will enthusiastically participate, while others may shoulder shrug.  To make things easier on everybody it pays to have a plan and get organized.  Whether you have a janitorial service or do the cleaning yourself, following this gameplan with get your […]

Retail shoppers dissatisfied with cleanliness of a store.

12 Shocking Statistics on Customers and Cleanliness

It goes without saying that most business owners are concerned with the cleaning of their facility.  The question is: how much importance do customers actually place on it?  How much time and emphasis should be invested into janitorial services?   While some may assume that customers only began paying attention to cleaning after the COVID-19 pandemic, the truth is […]

Professional window cleaner squeegee cleans retail window panes.

Spring Renewal: The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning

When it comes to outward appearances, the cleanliness of your windows can greatly affect the image of your business.   Despite this, window cleaning continues to be an overlooked aspect of building maintenance.  Ahead of spring, we felt it appropriate to uncover some of the techniques behind achieving those crystal-clear results that can make your business shine.  Whether you […]

Green cleaning product and microfiber cleaning rag for eco-friendly cleaning

What is Green Cleaning and How Can it Benefit Your Business

Hello there business community.  For the green-curious, eco-enthusiast we wanted to shine a light on what green cleaning really means.   When it comes to janitorial services there are so many cleaning products, tools, and techniques that it can be difficult to discern what is or isn’t considered “green.”  Our goal is to give you an overview of green cleaning as […]

man feels ill while suffering sick building syndrome

Embrace Fresh Air: A Guide to Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

Welcome, dear readers, to a winter appropriate topic that may be affecting you more than you realize – the quality of the indoor air you’re breathing. Have you ever walked into a building and felt immediately uncomfortable or even ill?  Perhaps you experienced symptoms like headache, fatigue, or irritation? You might have been facing the notorious […]

Winter is Coming: Why You Should Maintain Hard Flooring

Winter is Coming: Why You Should Maintain Hard Flooring

Winter is coming and it’s best to be prepared.  For some, a gentle snowfall brings joy and excitement.   For others, there’s trepidation over perilous driving conditions.  Love it or hate it, cold weather can present significant challenges to your business.   But have you stopped to consider how the interior of your property might be affected?   In a previous post we […]

Fun holiday party

Host With The Most Stress? Not Anymore! Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for Your Work Holiday Party

It’s the time of year for things holly, jolly, merry and bright!   Wonderful…only you’ve been tasked with planning the company holiday party.  This is stressful enough—and then you suddenly realize that your workplace isn’t sparkling clean.  Alternatively, maybe your company recently purchased office furniture and you’re worried that good vibrations, libations and cheer might topple a drink or […]

Ice melt sprinkled on an icy sidewalk.

How Ice Melt Can Affect Your Carpet

Blustery winter weather can be exciting for numerous reasons.  For kids, it’s a fun snow day!  For their parents, maybe it’s a second cup of coffee to push through the ‘fun’.  For facility and property managers it often means extra precaution, and rising early in order to keep their commercial buildings safe.  One of the most common safety measures […]

Fancy and well-furnished interior commercial lobby.

The Challenges of Cleaning Lavish Interior Design

Sure, showcasing the latest interior design trends in your business can make your establishment feel inviting, fancy, and perhaps a little…boujee.  But at what point does cleaning it become a problem?  For many companies, image is everything.  This includes their brick-and-mortar facility.  And one way to project confidence and expertise is by showcasing a splashy décor and designer furnishings.  However, […]

A woman walking down a wet city street with flash flooding.

How Heavy Rain Can Damage Commercial Buildings

Crisp air, Halloween retail popups and vibrant foliage must mean one thing: autumn has arrived! For some, this means frequent check-ins with their fantasy football team while manning the wood smoker.  For others it’s sipping a pumpkin-spiced latte while binging true crime in a snuggly sweater.  However, above the peaceful calm, weather patterns are getting decidedly wetter.   Water […]

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