Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Clean carpets bring a refreshed look and smell.

Nothing has more impact upon how clean a business looks and feels quite like it's carpets and floors.  We know you work hard to run an efficient business, let the experts at Business Cleaning Solutions protect your business's physical image.  We can provide a variety of commercial carpet cleaning solutions to meet any need.

Periodic shampooing of carpets is vital to keep them looking and smelling fresh.  By getting your carpets cleaned, you can eliminate risks such as malodors, dust, mold and other allergen issues. Our service consultants are available to give you pricing on any of the following treatments:

Carpet Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction
Bonnet Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Spot Removal
Odor Removal

professional carpet cleaner utilizes hot water extraction

Eye sore stains visually polluting your lobby? Our carpet pros can help.

Our techs utilize a number of techniques to address any type of stain.  Our carpet spot cleaning toolkits include products to remove everything from inks, food spills, oil-based spills and grease.

Of course, we're well adept at removing the number one type of carpet spot seen in hard-working, industrious office places everywhere- coffee!

professional removes stain from a rug.

The benefits of carpet cleaning in your business:

1. Reduce allergens

Carpet fibers can hide allergy inducing contaminants including mold, dust mites, pollen, animal dander and microbial growth. Hot water extraction can eliminate these potential problems.

2. Eliminate odors

Carpet beds can often hide food spills and even fecal matter, which can quickly become odor-causing bacterial growth.  The malodors they product can negatively effect air quality.  Carpets that have been subjected to moisture over a prolonged period of time can be a comfortable home to mold and mildew. Vacuuming alone will not alleviate these problems.  Spring is a great time to refresh your carpet...and your interior air!

3. Prolong the life.

Quality commercial carpeting can be expensive.  Get the most out of your investment by periodically having your carpets professionally shampooed.  Deep cleaning your carpet can remove the dirt, grit and oils that degrade carpet fibers over time.  Coffee spills, being acidic in nature, can compromise even acrylic and nylon carpet fibers if not addressed properly.  A routine maintenance plan can keeping your carpets looking terrific for years to come.

4. Improve your business' physical image.

Carpet has an immediate impact upon how clean a room looks for feels. Filthy carpeting can be visual pollution.  Put your best foot forward with new clientele by having clean and inviting carpeting in your place of business.

Don't forget to clean your upholstered office furnishings.

People eat, drink, and sweat as they conduct business at their desks.  This can certainly impact computer chairs.  The upholstered seat cushion may be hiding odor causing bacteria. This is easily remedied with steam-cleaning and extraction.  We can clean your upholstered sofas, plush chairs, and more.

man cleans upholstered office couch.

Have dirty carpets but aren't sure on the next steps?

Having your carpets cleaned doesn't have to be a hassle. We make things easy by offering flexible scheduling. Our Service consultants are happy to suggest ways to make the logistics smooth and stress-free.