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Clean Equals Safe

A clean environment is a safe environment.

The continued Covid-19 pandemic has caused many companies to put a renewed focus on cleaning measures.  Your customers and your employees know that clean equals safe, so if quality cleaning has suddenly come to the forefront of your operations and you aren’t sure what steps to take next, this guide can help. 

These days business cleaning has never been more important.  As such, now might be the perfect time to reevaluate your current cleaning service. As a business owner you’re being proactive and are looking to make improvements once the stay-at-home-orders are lifted. The problem is, you’re working from home. Not to worry, because some of the ground work on getting your cleaning in good order can be done remotely.

Working from home? Call or email us to discuss the cleaning of your business.

Better business cleaning starts with a phone call.

We can get help you get the ball rolling with a consultation over the phone. Consider letting one of our experienced business cleaning consultants know a little bit about your current cleaning concerns. Here are a few things we’re hearing from concerned businesses:   

“An intern wanted extra hours, so he volunteered to ‘clean’ the office on Friday afternoons.  He’s usually in/out in 15 minutes. I think he just changes the toilet paper.” 

“We’ve had a couple cleaning our office for years.   I don’t remember their names, but they gave us a really low price.  I’ve never spoken with them about what they do.  Honestly, it’s a mystery.” 

Suddenly these cost cutting-measures aren’t looking so good. (It’s okay if you can relate.  We’re not judging!)  As a result, you’re now focused on making sure that a quality, consistent cleaning service is being performed…because clean equals safe. But where to start?     An effective cleaning service begins with great communication and no two businesses are alike.  Factors such as logistics, type of industry, hours of operation, etc. are all important things to consider when assessing a business’s cleaning needs.   

At Business Cleaning Solutions we create a custom scope of work that is tailored to meet your company’s needs. With a clear scope of work, the cleaning is no longer a “mystery”. This allows for transparence and accountability. The scope of work details each cleaning task and the frequency of which each one is performed.  The scope of work is customizable to fit the unique needs of your business.  This is where our experience comes into play.  We can take a look at the conditions of your floors, carpets, windows, upholstery and other important surfaces and offer incite into how key improvements can be made.  

Eventually an on-site visit is important (we promise to stay 6 feet away!) Our consultants can meet with you for a free cleaning consultation and provide you with an estimate.  They’re ready to play 20 questions if you’ve got them! No questions are bad questions.  Many times, cleaning solutions involve a little bit of detective work and we’d be happy to find the best solution for your place of business.   

5 Things to Look for when picking a janitorial cleaning
company for your office or business:

1. Locally owned

You want to work with a a locally-owned neighborhood company, not a franchise so that you know exactly who you are trusting with access to your building.

2. References

It’s always a good idea to talk to people who know, first hand, the people and quality of the work you can expect to receive. Candid reviews on Google and Yelp can be great places to start.

3. Service variety

Your cleaning needs can change from day-to-day or month-to-month, so you need a vendor that offers a wide variety of services. In the event of a Covid-19 exposure to your facility, can your vendor perform ULV fogging to disinfect the air? Can they be called in on short notice to help wipe down and sanitize surfaces? These are important things to consider when game planning both the cleaning and safety of your facility.

4. Value

To get your facility properly cleaned on a consistent basis, it’s often advisable not to base your vendor decision on price alone. You shouldn’t go with the lowest price, but it’s reasonable to expect great value if you’re going to pay more. Don’t accept a cut rate bid and let unqualified crews into your office. The cheapest cleaning company might not pay fair wages. In order to get the price down they’ll often cut corners to save themselves time and deliver a rushed service.

5. Flexible contracts

Make sure that the contract has a clause that allows you to cancel with a 30 day written notice if not satisfied with service. Some contracts don’t have that built in and can companies can be locked in for months or even years with poor service.

We hope some of this information can help you make a more informed decision when choosing am office cleaning company. Be well, and stay safe out there!

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