A business meeting in a clean and safe office environment

Business cleaning in 2020: a renewed emphasis on cleanliness for a positive physical image.

A spotlight now shines on the cleanliness of your business.

Maintaining good cleaning for a positive physical image at the workplace is crucial for a variety of reasons.  Whether your business is retail and you receive a high volume of foot traffic, or you’re a consulting firm hosting high-profile clientele, you want your customers to feel comfortable being at your place of business.  If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how important cleaning truly is to health and safety.

Once quarantine orders are lifted and businesses reopen, a higher standard of cleaning will be expected by both your customers and employees.  We here at BCS encourage you to be proactive and view your business cleaning from a new perspective.  With our expertise in business cleaning solutions, we can help offer a fresh set of eyes. 

In 2020 there has been a heightened awareness on cleaning. Customers will begin to take note.

Clean equals safe.  This perception is now mainstream.  And now is the time to take preemptive measures and meet your customer’s high expectations.  Have you ever dined out at someplace new, such as that BBQ joint your Uncle Larry raved about, only to find that the sight of their neglected restroom made you want to lose your lunch?  (Unfortunately we have…and we’ll spare you the details).  In the past someone may have simply stormed out in disgust, never to return.  Or they might have taken the direct approach and voiced their concerns to management.  But in 2020 things are different.  People will passive-aggressively use tech to spread bad word-of-mouth and take straight to social media or Yelp.  They’ll post photos and recall the experience with vivid descriptions.  These bad reviews can be devastating.  Heed our advice: this is a phenomena that may jump over to the office environment. 

The path to a positive physical image begins with ‘curb appeal’.

The path to better cleaning for a positive physical image begins by going outside.  That’s right, ‘curb appeal’ as they say in real estate.  When you get a chance, take a moment to stand in front of your building’s main entry door. What do you see?  Dusty window sills or coffee splatter on the walls?  Don’t forget to look up.  Is there cobwebs in the corners?  Do the HVAC air grills have dust stalactites hanging from them?  All of these things can affect the perception of cleanliness, and therefore your physical image.  

Spooky cobwebs out front are never a good look.

In the past you may have taken these things for granted and walked right on by, none the wiser.  You were checking emails on your phone, passing through the nondescript lobby.  Only now you can certainly describe the lobby.  There’s that giant spill on the carpet in front of the elevator that looks like someone overturned a super-big gulp of Pepsi.  And there’s black finger prints dotting the walls around the elevator doors.  These things are no longer just eyesores.  They’re now a form of eye pollution under our new health-conscious reality. 

We encourage you to continue walking this path all the way into your office, see the sights, and make notes on a tablet as you go.  Don’t like what you see?  Call us here at BCS.  We can give you a free consultations on how to improve the situation such as carpet cleaning and floor work. Give your employees and your customers peace of mind knowing that your place of business is clean and safe. Maintaining good cleaning for a positive physical image should become a top priority for all business owners in the coming weeks. That process can begin now. Just email or call. We’re an essential service, we’re open for business, and we’re happy to help.

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