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The Biggest Benefits of Power Washing Your Business.

All year long your business gets pummeled by the sun’s rays, dust, dirt, mold, moss, tree debris, and a number of other threats.  (At times it can seem like a never-ending barrage).  These contaminants can lead to heavy buildup and embedded staining.  How do you prevent permanent damage to your building?  The answer: with routine cleaning. Sure, a clean exterior creates dazzling curb appeal that allows your business to shine.  But the benefits of consistent cleaning are much more than surface deep. 

Every business can benefit from routine power washing. Here are the biggest benefits of power washing your business:

  • Protects Your Business From Damage 
  • Saves you Time and Money 
  • Creates a Healthier Environment
  • Gets Rid of Graffiti
  • Gets Rid of Stubborn Messes
  • Is Environmentally Friendly

How Power Washing Protects your Business from Damage

By removing various contaminants, you remove the threats.   Power washing blasts away things like mold and moss.  Over time moss can get underneath and between siding, shingles and tiles.  In some cases this can cause lifting and separation- which creates new avenues for water damage.  Moisture-dependent mold can propagate and feed on wood surfaces. If mold is allowed to grow, it will ultimately destroy the wood and can cause structural damage.   

Power washing also removes cobwebs and other insect related activity.  In warmer months, this can help reduce infestation.  

Power Washing Saves you Time and Money.

You invest time and money into maintaining a certain image for your business.  (Such as that avocado-green exterior wall paint that looks amazing on sunny days!)  It stands to reason that you’d like to get the most out of these investments.  

When layers of grime and debris build up on surfaces, it can be difficult to see the various places where damage is occurring. This can make it difficult to spot maintenance repair needs. In addition, some substances can deteriorate weather-proofing protective layers, such as sealers and caulking.  

Routine power washing greatly reduces the likelihood of repairs becoming necessary in the first place. This is an important component in protecting your property.

concrete scrubbing machine cleans a sidewalks.
Concrete scrubber

Creates a Healthier Environment

As mentioned earlier, harmful fungus and bacteria such as algae and mildew can grow on the exterior of your building.   Allergens are another cause for concern.   When these particles buildup, they can sometimes get into your business’ interior through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems.  This can cause a negative health impact on those that are regularly exposed to them. Having a clean building inside and out is vital for individuals that have asthma or other respiratory problems. 

Power Washing Gets Rid of Graffiti

If left to sit, graffiti will often attract more graffiti.  That’s right- according to the Journal Science, “The mere presence of graffiti doubles the number of people littering and stealing in a neighborhood.”  As a business owner, you want to tackle this problem fast. Spray paint can be incredibly difficult to remove.  Especially from porous surfaces such as concrete, wood and stone.  Power washing uses aggressive high pressure and heat to cut through the paint and remove it from the surface.  It is by far the most successful and recommended tactic for removing unwanted scribble.  

“The mere presence of graffiti doubles the number of people littering and stealing in a neighborhood, new research suggests.”
graffiti on a concrete wall.
Graffiti before….
graffiti removed from a concrete wall.
and after!

Power Washing Gets Rid of Stubborn Messes

So you’ve been picking up litter to keep your storefront looking good. Good on you! But what about those messes that are difficult to clean and remove, such as sun-dried and protein-rich fecal matter or vomit?  Then there’s chewing gum and heavy oil stains.  Power washing will effectively obliterate all of it.  

It’s Environmentally Friendly.

For certain applications, power washing utilizes hot water only.  For tougher jobs, the cleaning products used are tough enough to cut through dirt and grime, but are also 100% biodegradable.  Which means they’re safe for your customers, employees, and the community.  

So what are you waiting for? Get your business power-washed and ready for whatever comes next!  Speak with one of our service consultants today. 

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