Sunlit office with natural lighting needs day cleaning

The Benefits of Occasional Daylight Hours Cleaning

An important aspect of cleaning is seeing.  And when it comes to spotting things like cobweb messages from Charlotte or fine dust particles on dark surfaces, natural sunlight can reveal much more.  In this post we’ll detail the benefits of occasional daylight hours cleaning and which types of office environments could benefit the most.

Fine Particles and Natural lighting 

Depending on the lighting conditions in your office, things like finger print smudges on windows and glass tables can really be a challenge to see at night.  With commercial cleaning services, industry standard is to perform the services off-hours, at night.  As such, tasks such as cobweb  dusting up in the ceiling and glass cleaning can be difficult.  This is where occasional day cleaning comes into play.  For example, businesses that receive 5 x per week cleaning services can benefit from the fifth service taking place on the weekend.  This allows the janitors to clean during the daylight hours, unimpeded.  

Any experienced commercial company should work with you to better understand your facility before beginning service.  One of the most important factors to consider when planning how to clean a facility are the lighting conditions.  A good cleaning service will take the time to create a custom cleaning plan that is tailor-made to meet each facility’s needs.  More time and energy is spent in the planning process, but the benefits to you as the customer are long-term and substantial.  

Daylight Cleaning Allows Us to See What You’re Seeing

Icky, dirty, allergy-inducing dust!

When we clean during the day, we can experience your place of business through your eyes.  Truth be told, even the most detail-oriented of cleaners with better than 20/20 vision can occasionally miss things (gasp!) But not to worry.  Inspecting the conditions on the weekend allows us to see these important details.  The bright, morning Sun rising from the East exposes all.  And when we’re on site at the same time of day we can better spot those wet smudges from a dog licking the glass.  Or another one of our favorite challenges: vacuuming up glitter in the conference room from Friday’s retirement party!

Types of Facilities That Would Benefit Most

  • Busy offices, such as call-centers: a high-concentration of people working is close quarters will generate more dust.  If this same call center has certain dynamics such as dark colored walls, dark desks/cabinets, or poor-lighting conditions, then keeping up on the visible dust will be difficult.  The cleaning staff will undoubtedly struggle if their management hasn’t planned ahead.
  • Offices with lots of windows and relight windows: the more natural lighting that pours in, the more illuminated the entire room becomes.  We love natural lighting!  But along with it comes the need to be more precise when dusting, vacuuming, and spot cleaning glass. 
  • Retail:  Keeping showrooms looking immaculate for your customers requires a mixture of a trained-eye, a little finesse, and you got it: UV light! 
Toddler handprints on the lobby glass…again(!)

Sometimes we work weekends…won’t daytime cleaning clash with my operations?

Great Question and we’re glad you asked! Daytime Cleaning, when done right, doesn’t have to impede upon, or slow down your operations.  For example, at Business Cleaning Solutions we make sure that all of our staff adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Always be courteous and respectful of all guests and employees.
  • Be friendly, approachable and responsive to the client’s needs.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings (don’t run a vacuum when someone is on the phone!)
  • Always use industry-best cleaning practices per ongoing training.
  • Any customer-required identification should be worn at all times; examples include badges, visible lanyards, uniforms, etc.

We hope this post helped illuminate some of the benefits of occasional daylight hours cleaning. If you’d like to inquire about occasional daytime cleaning, you can get in touch with one of our helpful cleaning consultants today!  

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