Commercial office space needing a deep clean.

All About Initial Deep Cleans

You’ve chosen to hire a new janitorial service for your business- now what?  We’re pleased to let you know that exciting times lie ahead as the physical image of your business will be getting a fresh start.  It’s time- for your new vendor to stretch, hydrate, and get ready to work because when cleaning a facility for the first time an initial deep clean is needed.  This first service will be much more thorough than usual.  It’s a restorative clean, comprised of a larger crew and management collaborating to ensure that your business shines once again.  

This is where we roll up our sleeves and glove up.  As a cleaning company our aim is to get your business looking it’s best.  And to get there, we look to right the sanitation wrongs of the past.   We’ll address buildup and neglect.  Those smells, that stain- it’s all gotta go.  In order to get the job done right we put in more labor and utilize the best in commercial cleaning tools and chemicals. 

Let’s take a look at some of the cleaning goals involved with the initial deep clean.  


Excessive dust can pose multiple problems.  It can negatively effect air quality and trigger respiratory problems in people that suffer from allergies.  Plus, it’s a terrible look.  Have you ever seen a neglected lobby with thick dust piling up?  We’re talking places where a dropped magazine on a tabletop stirs up dust plumes?  How about dust stalactites growing from fuzzy ceiling air registers?  

If this sounds familiar, your business might as well have been driving around in a dirty pickup with a ‘wash me!” message scribbled on the tailgate.

Routine dusting is vital.  If it hasn’t been getting done, it will show.  This is where we deploy HEPA vacuum cleaners to extract and capture the dust.  We’ll also wet-wipe with microfiber rags.  From high to low, we detail dust all horizontal surfaces.  From HVAC vents, down to desk tops, chairs, and floor baseboards.  

Dust control and vacuuming go hand-in-hand.  During the initial deep clan we also vacuum all carpeting, edge to edge. This includes under desks.  

Smelly Bathrooms

There are many reasons why bathrooms smell.  We won’t detail them here (that’s an exciting blog post for another day).  During an initial deep clean we will look to wipe down nearly every service.  This includes stall walls. Even walls behind and around the toilets.  We even detail the plumbing, flush handles and other bright work. 

Toilets and urinals receive a reality show makeover.  We scour the bowls to remove rings, clean out the urinal drains, and remove as much surface staining as possible.

From the sinks, to the dispensers, and the floors, everything gets cleaned.  No shortcuts. 

Commercial cleaning cart used during initial deep clean

Filthy Kitchens

Friends don’t let friend sip coffee in dirty break rooms.  Maintaining a clean kitchen is important for a myriad of reasons.  Ants! Mold! From insects to illness, proper cleaning is important.  The first thing we’ll do is go high to low and detail clean nearly every surface. Here are some things we look at:

  • Finger prints and smudges are removed from the outsides of cupboards.  
  • The outside of the fridge and the fridge handle is sanitized. 
  • We look to clean the microwave inside and out.  
  • Sink, faucet, drain, backsplash and counter tops must be cleaned and cleared of things like food crumbs and coffee rings.
  • Tables and chairs wiped down and neatly arranged.  
  • Floors are swept and then wet mopped with a germicidal solution. 
  • Trash and recycling bins are emptied and cleared of debris.
  • Trash enclosure walls are cleaned, including underneath and behind the bins.  
Clean commercial kitchen during initial commercial deep clean.

Janitorial Closets

One of the first things we’ll look to do is re-organize the custodial closet.  In all of our commercial cleaning services, we provide the cleaning tools, materials and chemicals. We bring in an inventory of these items in and arrange them in an orderly fashion.  The goal is to ensure that  everything is easily accessible.  We also make sure that our chemical bottles are labeled and correctly stored according to OSHA standards.  Any leftover, old, and/or unknown chemicals are properly disposed of. 

Keeping a janitorial closet clean is important as well.  We’ll sweep and mop the floor.  Clear the floor drain and the service sink drain to ensure that everything is operable.

Trash room and/or Enclosures.

Trash rooms must be presentable as well.  Keeping these areas clean will help prevent against infestation of insect and rodents. It will also help keep malodors at bay. We pick up litter and other debris from these areas.


High-traffic areas such as lobbies must look good in order for you and your business to look good.  We give your lobby the attention is deserves.  Examples include putting an emphasis on dusting window sills and blinds.  

We’ll look to vacuum under and behind the furniture.  We’ll vacuum the upholstered furniture itself, removing things like animal hair from the cushions.  We’ll high dust for cobwebs and spot clean the window glass.

These were just a few of the many focal points we put into our initial deep cleans.  An amazing attention to detail paired with an experienced management team make Business Cleaning Solutions one of the smartest choices you can make in commercial cleaning. Are you tired of suffering through inconsistent cleaning services?  Tired of cleaning your business yourself?  Give us a call today!

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