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5 Ways Commercial Cleaning Companies are Evolving

There’s little doubt that commercial cleaning is in demand like never before, but how is it adapting to meet consumer needs and higher expectations since the Covid-19 pandemic?  For sci-fi fans out there, worry not, as evolve can simply mean change.  Sentient robots from an episode of Black Mirror will not be wiping down your desks (anytime soon).  However, commercial cleaning companies are evolving for many reasons.  

An Increase in Demand for Specialized Cleaning Services.

Complex businesses often require specialized cleaning services.  For example, there is an increasing need for cleaning data centers, laboratories, and healthcare facilities.  When it comes to cleaning these types of facilities, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.  Special accommodations must be made regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) and the types of cleaning tools being utilized.  Considerations must be made regard chemical use and fragrance.  Procedures regarding waste disposal must be clearly adhered to.  Chemical storage must also follow federal OSHA guidelines.   

Advancements in Cleaning Technologies

Yes, fans of Isaac Asimov who’ve been dreaming of robots: having a robot like Rosie from the Jetsons emptying the trash would be an advancement in cleaning technology.  However, for the small to medium sized business, this isn’t happening anytime soon.  On a more pragmatic front, the cleaning industry has seen advancements in technologies that allow faster and more efficient cleaning.   

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Batteries not included.
  • Electrostatic Sprayers: electrostatic sprayers (ESS) or foggers have grown in popularity as a method to efficiently and rapidly apply disinfectants to surfaces.  These devices impart an electrostatic charge to the disinfectant, and then spray it into the air as micro-droplets.  This approach disperses the disinfectant into a wide area with the goal of killing airborne viral pathogens along with any virus on surfaces.
  • NanoClean Technology: cleaning without detergents.  That’s right- only water is utilized with these advanced machines.  Currently they’re often used as floor scrubbing machines where they electrically convert water into an innovative cleaning solution by generating millions of microscopic bubbles known as nanobubbles.  This oxygenated, charged water breaks down dirt and food grease.  

A Focus on Sustainability.

Chemical engineers continue to innovate ways to make green cleaning chemicals more effective, while keeping an eye on their environmental impact. Hospital-grade disinfectants continue to evolve to better kill new viruses.  

Many commercial cleaning companies use eco-friendly tools with better efficiency such as HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.  Better recycling practices and programs are becoming more widely implemented than ever before.  Collectively, these efforts get the industry ever closer to having a net positive impact on the environment. 

Higher Health and Safety Standards

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a heightened awareness on health and safety in the workplace.  In many cases this has changed the scope of work that commercial cleaning companies offer. Tasks such as sanitization and disinfecting surfaces are more commonly performed.  This helps slow the spread of infectious diseases….and keeps more people in the office.

Changing Workplaces

As more business move to a remote working model, or offer flexible working arrangements, commercial cleaning companies have changed their service offerings.  For example, more and more companies are migrating toward co-working spaces.  In this model companies have a private office but share the kitchen, bathroom, and conference room facilities with others.  Commercial cleaning companies will adjust their scope of work to fit how often certain areas are cleaned.  

When looking for commercial cleaning services it’s important to keep some of these things in mind.  Cleaning companies that have an eye on innovation will be better suited to fulfill your needs.  They’ll be better equipped to ensure that they’re giving you the best quality cleaning service possible.  Have questions?  Contact Business Cleaning Solutions today. 

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