Retail shoppers dissatisfied with cleanliness of a store.

12 Shocking Statistics on Customers and Cleanliness

It goes without saying that most business owners are concerned with the cleaning of their facility.  The question is: how much importance do customers actually place on it?  How much time and emphasis should be invested into janitorial services?   While some may assume that customers only began paying attention to cleaning after the COVID-19 pandemic, the truth is that they’ve always cared.  Whether you run a small, medium, or large facility, cleanliness is vital for providing a positive customer experience.

To get to the bottom of these questions, recent consumer surveys on sanitation have been conducted.  These studies explore how much cleanliness impacts consumer choice and behavior.  From vowing never to return, to leaving bad reviews online, the statistics are eye-popping.  Are you ready? Here we go…

Your Customers Really Care About Cleanliness

Studies by Ipsos on behalf of P&G Professional show that 92 percent of your customers are influenced by the cleanliness of your business.   90 percent of respondents said that simply reading a review that mentioned poor housekeeping would be enough to take a hard pass.  

If this isn’t enough to convince you, or you think your business is immune, consider these figures by industry.  A Harris Poll conducted by Cintas found that when it comes to reading negative reviews about cleaning, 75 percent of people would skip the restaurant.

  • Hotels: 70 percent would stay away
  • Doctor’s offices: 68 percent would avoid
  • Hair/Nail Salon: 56 percent aren’t walking in

From Retail to Restaurant…the Cleaning Critics are Out There

Okay, so the early numbers aren’t promising if you’ve chosen to skimp on janitorial services. Whether you do the cleaning yourself, have unmotivated employees, or a floundering cleaning service, a lack of cleaning clearly poses a problem for your business. According to the same Consumer Cleaning Insights Survey, 51 percent of people agree that if the restaurant is really clean, they are more likely to overlook poor service.

  • 57 percent say that a clean table that is not sticky or does not have evidence of the last guest is more important than the quality of the food.
  • 73 percent report that a smelly restroom is worse than receiving the wrong food order.
  • 38 percent of travelers check for cleanliness feedback through ratings or reviews before booking a hotel.

In a study by Service Channel1,  69 percent of retail shoppers said experiencing a dirty store led them to shop at a competitor’s store instead. 80 percent of surveyed shoppers said that basic in-store cleanliness was more important to them than “experiences” such as interactive tech or other gimmicks.

In Conclusion

So you knew that cleaning was important. You just needed the facts to help motivate your next move, right?  A clean environment signals attention to detail and can enhance your reputation. It indicates that a business cares about its customers and their experience.  And you love your customers.  

We understand-you just needed a gentle reminder that satisfied customers are more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about a business. They will share their experiences, including the cleanliness of a place, with friends and family, or on social media.  Are you struggling to keep up with your business’ cleaning needs?  If you need advice, or even a free, no-obligation site-walk we’d be happy to help.  At Business Cleaning Solutions we offer Cleaning Appraisals, in which we can help pinpoint the cleaning bottlenecks and offer solutions for immediate improvement.  Just contact us today.

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